A new CS:GO update for January 2019 has updated the CS:GO map pool. Zoo and Abbey have now been added to the Casual and Deathmatch map pool. Meanwhile, a new version of Vertigo has been added to Wingman mode. Here’s more on the January CS:GO update.

Zoo and Abbey Added to CS:GO Maps

The latest CS:GO update features the return of an old favorite, de_zoo.

CS:GO Update January 2019 - de_zoo

Zoo was originally introduced in Operation Bloodhound back in 2015. Despite being a very popular map, it didn’t return in any subsequent operations. It’s now back in the game as part of the Defusal Group.

Meanwhile, de_abbey has also been added to the Defusal Group map pool. Abbey was the runner-up in the FACEIT MapCore Mapping Contest.

CS:GO Update January 2019 - New Maps

While these maps are currently only available in Casual and Deathmatch, they may soon make it to the Competitive map pool. Austria and Subzero have now been taken out of the matchmaking map pool.

The new CS:GO update also reintroduces de_vertigo. However, this time, it’s a smaller version repurposed for Wingman mode.

CS:GO Update January 2019 – More Changes

There have also been some other minor changes in the new CS:GO update.

Some changes have been made to de_biome. The map now features some changes to mid and the site entries to improve gameplay. Performance upgrades have also been made.

Accounts can also automatically upgrade to Prime. All you need to do is reach Lieutenant Rank 21 in the game. There have also been some sound upgrades and other minor bug fixes.

With IEM Katowice 2019 coming in February, we’ll likely soon see CS:GO team and player stickers in the next CS:GO update. There’s also a CS:GO Heist Mode in the works, along with new Cache. These updates will likely make it to the game later in the year. Meanwhile, players can enjoy playing on new maps.

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