Much like you have to choose between the USP-S or P2000 on CT side, there are two upgraded pistols to consider on T Side. Choosing between the Tec-9 or CZ75 can be important for eco rounds, and both have their pros and cons. So which should you use in 2018? Let’s look into it.

CS:GO Tec-9 vs CZ75 Auto Stats

While the CZ75 used to seem vastly superior, the recent Tec-9 update has made it much more viable. Let’s check out the stats head to head.

CS:GO Tec-9 or CZ75 Auto Stats CS:GO Tec-9 or CZ75 Auto Stats

While both cost the same, the Tec-9 outperforms the CZ75 statistically right now. With much more ammo, slightly more damage, and more range, the Tec-9 is a strong gun. It also gives you $300 for each kill, as opposed to $100 for the CZ75-Auto.

The CZ-75’s main advantage is its fire rate. You can take out enemies fast by holding down fire and take their weapon on Eco rounds.

CS:GO CZ-75 vs Tec-9 Skins

While different skins won’t make your gun any better or worse, some players like to make their choices based on cosmetics.

Tec-9 has some good quality skins, including Tec-9 Red Quartz, Tec-9 Sandstorm, and Tec-9 Nuclear Threat. In general, Tec-9 skins are cheaper than CZ75.

CS:GO Tec-9 or CZ75 Auto Skins - Tec9 Red Quartz CS:GO Tec-9 or CZ75 Auto Skins - Tec9 Nuclear Threat

However, CZ-75 might have some of the best looking pistol skins in the game. CZ-75 Auto Red Astor, CZ-75 Auto Victoria, and CZ-75 Auto Xiangliu will all look great on your gun.


CS:GO Tec-9 or CZ75 Auto Skins - CZ75 Red Astor CS:GO Tec-9 or CZ75 Auto Skins - CZ75 Victoria

CS:GO CZ75 Auto or Tec-9 – Which Do Pros Use?

According to HLTV Stats, pros use the CZ75-Auto more often than Tec-9. Although the Tec-9 was briefly more popular in 2016. In 2018, it was used at a rate of 4.66%, higher than the Deagle or P250.

CZ75 HLTV Stats

Now that the Tec-9 buff has brought it closer to its former glory, you may see more Tec-9 play in competitive matches. Especially with players like olofmeister being famous for utilizing the gun to its full potential.

CS:GO Tec-9 or CZ75 Auto – Which Is Better in 2018?

Choosing between the Tec-9 or CZ75-Auto seems a lot easier since the recent updates. With a higher kill reward, significantly more ammo, and more range, it’s probably the better choice for beginners.

Some players still prefer the CZ75. The super fast fire rate means you can take out enemies at close range fast. You can also tap shoot at long range, although you have to consider you only have 24 ammo.

The CZ75-Auto is mostly used in Eco rounds to kill enemies fast and take their guns. It’s also used as a side pistol to the AWP. However, Tec-9 is also highly viable with over 100 ammo and a faster draw time.

Overall, Tec-9 appears to be the better choice in 2018. However, the CZ75-Auto is no slouch if you use it well.

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