CS:GO Survival Mode could be coming in just two days! The CS:GO Twitter account is teasing a big CS:GO update coming on Wednesday.

This is very likely to be CS:GO Survival, a new Battle Royale mode that Valve developers have been working on. Here’s more.

Big CS:GO Update Coming – CS:GO Survival Mode/Battle Royale?

Rumors have been circulating about a big CS:GO update coming, especially with a new beta branch created and now Counter-Strike Devs dropping hints on Twitter.

This is likely to be the new CS:GO Battle Royale mode or CS:GO Survival. This has been in the works since 2017, and recent leaks revealed that developers are working hard on the game mode.

In addition to the xl_enclave map, another new map is coming called Survival Blacksite. Reddit user u/GabeFollower showed a developer testing the map.

CS:GO Dev playing on unreleased Survival (battle royale) map called "Blacksite" from GlobalOffensive

Current rumors say CS:GO Survival will be a last-man-standing Battle Royale style game. However, unlike games like Fortnite and PUBG, it’s likely to have fewer players on the map.

Previous leaks showed the game will include new items like flares and sonar pulses. You can see more information known about Survival Mode on the Counter-Strike Wikia.

New CS:GO Operation 2018?

According to current information, Wednesday’s update will be big. While it might just be a new game mode, there could be more to it.

It seems this year that Valve has been moving away from the Operation formula and focusing on more frequent individual updates. However, there’s still some hope we could see a new CS:GO Operation in 2018.

This could include things like new skins and extra maps to play on, in addition to the new upcoming game mode.

Whichever way, players should get ready for a big CS:GO update on Wednesday, December 5th.

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