Despite being benched months prior, STYKO is back in Mousesports! Polish player Snax is now on the bench. The team broke the news today on Twitter.

It was a somewhat surprising move considering the team replaced STYKO with Snax in the first place, not to mention his high buyout. However, the team expressed dissatisfaction with Snax over the past few weeks and rumors of STYKO returning have been in the pipeline.

STYKO Back in Mousesports

Martin “STYKO” Styk is now back in mousesports, after his removal just a few months ago in June.

Back in June, mousesports benched STYKO in favor of Snax. Now the roles are in reverse, with Snax on the bench to bring STYKO back into the fold.

Despite his low rating, STYKO was as a solid support player who took on roles other players didn’t want to play. After the move, teammate sunNy spoke out in an HLTV interview on how there was a lack of communication without STYKO.

Since his departure from mousesports, STYKO played shortly as a stand-in for Cloud9. He’s now back in mousesports, likely picking up his previous roles.

Snax Benched from Mousesports

With STYKO back in the team, Snax will be on the bench until he joins another team.

It was a somewhat surprising move, considering his high buyout and contribution to mousesports winning ESL One New York. However, it seems the change was a mutual decision.

Snax spoke out on the move in a Facebook post, which translates roughly to:

As you already know, I’m on the bench in Mousesports! As mentioned by ChrisJ our shared game could not go this road. At first, I was happy with how it looked. But with time, when we started to add tactics and different plans for the game, I began to disagree slightly. I started feeling like a burden because my potential was not used in the right way (if STYKO played this way, then great respect to him for doing so). During the tournament SLTV in Ukraine, I showed the guys that I do not like it, so the decision was simple; roles would not change because the players are very accustomed to them and need someone who will play only under them or someone to fit the weakest roles. I think that they are not yet experienced enough (they know exactly what change to make) to arrange the team in equal fashion so everyone is happy.

Despite all that, I wish them success. I do not have any personal problems with them, it just had to be this way because I can not play further while being dissatisfied.

Currently, I’m taking a break. I do not know where you’ll see me next, we’ll see soon. Greetings from your wild Boar ❤ ️ 🐗

Snax is now out of the active mousesports roster while he waits for a new team. STYKO will begin to play with the team again immediately.

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