A candid CS:GO S1mple Reddit AMA on the Global Offensive Subreddit revealed all kinds of interesting information. Not only was S1mple “very very close” to joining MiBR earlier this year, but he was also invited to FaZe in the past!

S1mple also revealed his favorite matches, the hardest player and team to play against, and advice on improving in CS:GO. Here are some of the highlights from S1mple’s Reddit AMA.

S1mple was very, very close to joining MiBR

Rumors circulated earlier this year that S1mple would join SK (now MiBR) along with his NaVi teammate, Flamie. Negotiations soon fell through, and Stewie2k and Tarik took their places.

S1mple confirmed that he was “very, very close” to joining MiBR, but decided he had unfinished business in NaVi.

I don’t want to leave the team as a loser, I want to finish what I started

He also claimed that had him and Flamie joined MIBR, they could have taken them all the way to the top. However, he thinks the current MIBR team has potential and could shock viewers at the upcoming FACEIT Major.

Perhaps even more interestingly, he revealed that he was once offered to join FaZe, but chose to join NaVi instead back in 2016. Both teams have done well, but a FaZe roster with S1mple in Olofmeister’s place is an even scarier prospect!

S1mple believes he is the best CS:GO player in the world

Many fans, analysts, and even other players agree that S1mple is the best CS:GO player right now. When asked by a fan if he agrees, S1mple said:

Yes but I don’t like to talk about it, I prefer to practice more to become better

He went on to state that he thinks he can become even better with more practice.

When asked when he realized he was the best player, he answered that the defining moment was in NaVi’s loss to Mousesports at the StarSeries i-League Season 4 Finals. Despite losing, S1mple managed to put up incredible stats and even took home the MVP medal for the tournament.

His favorite play ever came against Renegades at DreamHack Masters.

However, he still gives respect to other players. He stated that the hardest player to go against was coldzera, especially during SK’s dominant 2016 run. He also believes that barring NaVi, Astralis are the greatest team in the world right now, as well as the hardest to face.

S1mple advice on improving in CS:GO

When asked by a fan on how to improve, S1mple answered:

Spend your whole time in this game. Your life should become Counter Strike, always think about this game. Watch demos, play DM, aimbots, retake, even bunny hop will improve your movement. Follow all competitive tournaments and never give up if something goes wrong.

You can view all of the answers in the S1mple Reddit AMA on r/GlobalOffensive.

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