Brollan to fnatic is official. The Red Reserve player was picked up by fnatic today and has already made his debut in fnatic vs FaZe. Meanwhile, ScreaM goes back to free agency.

While Belgian headshot-machine ScreaM formerly acted as a stand-in for the Swedish roster, he now looks for a new team. However, this could open up some very interesting opportunities in the pro scene.

Brollan to fnatic

Instead of opting for a Swedish veteran, fnatic pick up up-and-coming Swedish youngster Brollan.

Brollan is one of the youngest players playing at the top level at just 16 years old. But much like players like ENCE Sergej and Team Vitality ZyWoo, he’s already impressed at a young age.

He previously played with fnatic at WESG 2017 and has since played with teams like Epsilon, GODSENT, and Red Reserve.

With a 1.13 HLTV rating, Brollan can breathe some new life into fnatic. He’s already had his debut, taking a map from FaZe in the ESL Pro League. We’ll see what happens for fnatic next.

ScreaM to Cloud9?

With fnatic recruiting a new fifth, ScreaM now goes back into free agency. However, there’s no bad blood with the team.

With ScreaM’s strong stats, the decision seemed to be more based around fnatic wanting to remain a Swedish roster.

In contrast, ScreaM is open to international opportunities. In fact, he even stated in an interview from that he’d be open to joining Cloud9. With Skadoodle leaving Cloud9, this could be the perfect opportunity.

Of course, there are others. With rumors of sunNy to FaZe, mousesports may soon need another new player.

ScreaM has had a long career of ups and downs with many unfair removals. However, his performances remain strong and his newfound free agency gives him the chance to find a new, stable opportunity.

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