The post-major period has seen many huge roster changes in CS:GO. For instance, there’s a whole new mousesports roster, Draken is in NiP, and flusha and kioshima are out of Cloud9. But who will be in the new Cloud9 CS:GO roster? A recent rumor suggests we’ll see a move of k0nfig and JuGi to Cloud9. Here’s the latest.

CS:GO Roster Change Rumors: k0nfig and JUGi to Cloud9?

It seems that every other week there’s a new Cloud9 roster change, but the latest rumor may mean more stability for the mixed NA and EU roster.

Recently, flusha and kioshima left the team. This leaves just autimatic, RUSH, and Golden in the C9 CS:GO roster.

While the organization was reportedly in discussions to sign suNny from mousesports, it seems they may go in a different direction.

A report from, the biggest Danish Counter-Strike news outlet, claims k0nfig and JUGi may soon join Cloud9. The two Danish players are currently part of OpTic Gaming. However, a mix between Cloud9 and OpTic’s best players would arguably make an even greater team.

K0nfig has long been seen as one of Denmark’s best players. In his time in North, he often carried the team to victory with consistent frags. He has a 2019 HLTV rating of 1.15 during his time in OpTic.

JUGi is a lesser-known player with huge potential. He has a 2019 rating of 1.12. If the two players come to Cloud9, it could give them some extra firepower, although whether they’re good replacements for flusha and kioshima is yet to be seen.

Where Will flusha and kioshima Go Next?

The new Cloud9 roster moves also leave flusha and kioshima without a team. Both are highly experienced players with multiple major victories.

Flusha explained on Twitter that he would take a break from competitive CS:GO for personal reasons. However, when he comes back, it’s likely he could return to a Swedish team such as fnatic or even NiP.

Kioshima may wish to return to Europe. If French teams Vitality or G2 wish to make a roster move, kioshima would be a solid pick up.

With many current free agents in CS:GO and a lot of teams worldwide who need to recruit new players, anything could happen.

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