The pre-major CS:GO roster changes continue as blameF joins Heroic. The Danish rifler, formerly a member of Epsilon, will take MODDII’s place in the roster. This brings the roster closer to its Danish roots, with BlameF joining mertz, AcilioN, es3tag, and friberg being the lone Swede.

BlameF Joins Heroic

Heroic announced the new pickup via a Tweet.

The move is no surprise to those who’ve been paying attention. BlameF accumulated an insane 1.32 HLTV rating in 2018, making him one of the best upcoming CS:GO players. The move to Heroic will allow him to utilize his skill to better potential.

BlameF expressed his excitement to work with the new organization. Heroic coach peacemaker also stated that blameF has been on his radar for a long time and he looks forward to having him in the team.

Benjamin ‘blameF’ Bremer will take the place of MODDII, who is now on the bench of Heroic. We’ll see soon how the new pickup works out for the Heroic roster.

Who Is BlameF?

While his name may not be known to many, blameF is one of the biggest CS:GO prospects right now.

He made his name in Epsilon, playing alongside players such as miNd, CRUC1AL, Kryptix, and Surreal. He put up massive performances last year, becoming one of the highest rated HLTV players of 2018. In fact, only s1mple and ZywOo achieved higher ratings.

The move to Heroic will give him a big step up in competition, allowing him to prove himself at a higher level. Epsilon CEO Greg Champagne commented on the move in Heroic’s post, stating:

blameF is an absolute beast of a player, in his short stay in Epsilon he has brushed all doubts aside. The complete package we will miss him immensely. In the time of the players within Epsilon, blameF is most likely the best one yet. We had more plans surrounding him, but it is essential to us that if a positive agreement can be found for both parties, to not block a player’s desire. We would like to wish Heroic and blameF the best of luck in the future!

We’ll see what blameF can do with Heroic in 2019.

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