The New Legends are crowned and on September 20, we go into the FACEIT London Major Champions Stage. If you haven’t made your CS:GO Pick’Em Predictions, check out the matchups.

We’ll be seeing bangers like Astralis vs FaZe and NaVi vs BIG straight out the gate, but who will win? Here’s an in-depth look.

CS:GO FACEIT Major Pick’Em Predictions

CS:GO FACEIT Major Pick’Em Predictions

BIG Clan vs NaVi

Between stand out performances from their British AWPer, sick major highlights from Tizian, and strategic calls from IGL Gob B, the German team have really gone BIG this major.

But while BIG (#8) have tackled teams like FaZe, TyLoo, and HellRaisers, they’ll be going up against the CIS final boss- Natus Vincere (#2).

NaVi’s only loss thus far is a 14-16 to Astralis. While BIG’s technical play could be enough to take one map, expect S1mple, electronic, and the rest of the gang to do everything better.

Prediction: NaVi 2-1 BIG Clan

compLexity vs MiBR

Will compLexity (#18) make America great again or will Made In Brazil (#7) shut them out? CoL’s major run so far has been spectacular- they’re 6-1 in the past two stages with their only loss being to the world #1 team.

Complexity's Run at the CS:GO FACEIT Major -

MiBR have had a hard time getting their new roster in check, but we’re talking about a team with five former Major winners, and three of them won twice. CompLexity is the lowest ranked team at the major, but they’re also currently the highest rated.

The smart money is on MiBR here but if you believe in momentum and love a good upset, look for compLexity to continue their Cinderella run and take out the #7 team.

Prediction: coL 2-1 MiBR

Team Liquid vs HellRaisers

HellRaisers (#13) is another team with massive upset potential. Many of the matches in their 6-3 run have been close affairs, but no team has played with as much heart- especially factoring in ISSAA’s rise to CS:GO stardom.

But Team Liquid (#3) have gone 6-0 in their Major run so far, including a 19-17 win over Astralis and a 16-9 win over HellRaisers.

HellRaisers will stay in the fight but they’ll have a tough time draining Liquid.

Prediction: Team Liquid 2-0 HellRaisers

Astralis vs FaZe Clan

When it comes to name power, this is the big match of the day. Astralis (#1) vs FaZe Clan (#4) has all the makings of a banger.

FaZe hung on to their major spot by the skin of their teeth. After a 2-2 run, they came back from 6-15 against G2 to win in overtime and close out the Bo3.

FaZe are resilient world-beaters at their best, but Astralis have been slapping everyone this major (barring their kryptonite, Liquid) and look to continue.

Prediction: Astralis 2-0 FaZe Clan

FACEIT London Major New Champions Stage

The New Champions stage kicks off this Thursday, September 20th, starting with BIG Clan vs NaVi at 15:15 BST.

You can catch all the action at or the FACEIT YouTube Channel.

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