While we’re still waiting for news of a new CS:GO operation in 2018, one fan has given his own take on it. Graphic designer Tibor Miklos created an incredible CS:GO Operation Blacksun concept last month.

These aren’t leaks for the new CS:GO operation- simply Miklos’ take on what it might include. Still, the maps and skins are all popular choices that could very well make their way to the next operation. Here’s a closer look at what was included in the Operation Blacksun Concept.

Potential New CS:GO Operation Maps Including Subzero and Biome

Miklos picked popular community maps Subzero, Biome, Breach, Ruby, Grind, and Waterfall.

Subzero is the latest map created by FMPONE, who’s also working on a CS:GO Cache remake. The map has already been widely tested with positive reviews from fans.

Biome was the winner of the 2018 Mapcore Mapping Contest on FACEIT, created by JD40. The map is set in a biome in Africa, featuring some interesting indoor and outdoor environments.

Both of these along with Breach, Ruby, Grind, and Waterfall can also be found and tested in the Steam Workshop and in Community Servers. All offer something unique, making them ideal map picks for the next CS:GO operation.

New CS:GO Skins Case – M4A4 Wirewar, AWP Virus, P2000 Ranger & New Knife!

Miklos also picked out some popular workshop skins for the CS:GO Operation Blacksun concept. These included:

He also suggested the M48 Kommando Survivor as a new CS:GO knife.

However, with a case of 4 new knives recently released, it’s more likely we’ll see some skins for the CS:GO MP5SD instead.

New CS:GO Game Mode – Survivor Island

The Operation Blacksun concept for a new game mode is Survivor Island- presumably a survival mode. With every game from Black Ops 4 to FIFA 19 getting a Battle Royale mode, it’s likely the new CS:GO operation will follow suit.

You can view the full CS:GO Operation Blacksun concept here on Tibor Miklos’ Behance page.

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