The new CS:GO Halloween Update features new Cobble updates! The map now has a spooky Halloween theme, as well as some major layout changes that significantly change the gameplay. Here are all of the new Cobble updates, complete with screenshots.

CS:GO New Cobble Screenshots

Cobblestone has been significantly changed, with some extreme layout changes that alter the pace of the game.

CS:GO New Cobble T-SpawnT Spawn has been moved forward and away from the toilets and truck, although tower is still accessible. This means B rushes may take longer, as you’ll now need to run through mid connector to get to B long and drop.

CS:GO New Cobble MidYou can now rush directly to mid, where the statue has been replaced by a bonfire. You’ll also come face to face with some ghost chickens.

CS:GO New Cobble A LongA Long is now covered by this wall, with a door that can’t be opened. This makes it a little harder for CT side AWPers to pick off incoming Terrorists. You can still get to A Long from mid by jumping.

CS:GO New Cobble UnderpassThe stairs between Long A and Underpass have also been removed. This should make it much easier for T-Side players to rush mid to A.

CS:GO New Cobble A BombsiteThe A bomb site has also been completely changed. You now plant the bomb at a cart of coffins at the top of ramp. The fencing has also been removed.

CS:GO New Cobble A WoodThe old A bomb site is now completely blocked off by walls. There are also plenty of candles and coffins scattered around for Halloween.

CS:GO New Cobble HutThe layout of hut, connector, and drop are still essentially the same, although there are naturally some cosmetic changes.

CS:GO New Cobble B SiteB Site hasn’t had many changes either. Although the small cubby on the far side of the site is no longer open, giving less options for CT players on Eco rounds.

CS:GO New Cobble B LongB Long only looks slightly different, with some coffins along the alleyway.

CS:GO New Cobble Inside BThe creepiest change is inside with this wall of dead heads. There’s no way back to the original spawn- only back to mid connector.

CS:GO New Cobble Updates

The full Cobblestone updates can be seen in the Release Notes, which are as follows:

Halloween is here, so why not try out some super scary layout changes?
– Removed connector between Long A and Underpass
– Blocked long view angle from Long A CT side towards courtyard
– Decreased height of doors in Underpass
– Added window in Underpass
– Removed slanted door leading into Underpass
– Removed a large section of old Bombsite A courtyard
– Moved up Bombsite A zone towards ramp
– Removed access to most of T spawn area
– Moved up T spawn positions
– Added climbable props in dropdown and cover in corridor leading to Bombsite B platform
– Added spooky Halloween theme

Overall, the new layout seems to encourage much more versatility in T-side play. A rushes are now much easier with long players having less options to stop it. B rushes might be a little different, although they’re still a very viable strat.

We’ll see what happens with Cobblestone after the Halloween changes end. It may even make its way back into the Active Duty map pool for New Cache to be worked on.

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