The FMPONE Cache remake is coming along well. A new picture was posted today on Twitter, showing how the A Site might end up looking on CS:GO New Cache.

The CS:GO Cache remake has been in the works for a while. But while new textures have been shown, this new pic shows how the gameplay could change.

CS:GO New Cache A Site

The picture shown by FMPONE on Twitter shows a few differences on the CS:GO Cache A Site. Here’s how the current A Site looks and the untextured remake for comparison.

CS:GO New Cache A Site

CS:GO New Cache A Site

Although it’s not a huge change- there are a couple of key differences. The CT Truck wall is now curved, giving much more vision between CT and A Site. This will make it easier to exchange nades and retake the site for CTs.

The red box on A site has also been replaced with what seems to be a lower slanted structure. This could allow CTs more room to peer over the top and catch T side players attacking from Main.

FMPONE also told Twitter that FPS rates should be around the same as his recently added map, Subzero.

But while these new changes look exciting, the final rework could still look different.

CS:GO New Cache Release Date

The Cache remake has been in the works for a while. FMPONE previously revealed what some areas might look like on a Twitch stream.

Don’t expect to see the new Cache too soon, though. According to FMPONE, the map should make it to the game in early 2019.

With the new Cobblestone recently brought to the game, Cache looks like it could be the next map to be switched out of the Active Duty maps for a rework. But with new maps such as Subzero and Biome also added to the game, we could see an even bigger shakeup in the pro map pool.

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