Work on the CS:GO Cache remake is going well! FMPONE’s recent Twitch Stream inadvertently showed new Cache leaks, with screenshots suggesting more of a rundown feel to the map.

The new CS:GO map is set to be released in 2019 but work is well underway. FMPONE has been giving fans mapping advice on stream and talking about various projects for the future of CS:GO.

CS:GO New Cache Leaks Shown on Twitch

During his “Feedback on Your Levels” series on Twitch, FMPONE accidentally opened the Steam screenshot folder, showing off some juicy leaks from the new CS:GO Cache remake.

The map retains its rundown Chernobyl motif, now with more greenery. New textures show moss and shrubbery growing throughout the weapon storage cache.

CS:GO New Cache Leaks: FMPONE Shows Cache Remake On Twitch

New CS:GO Cache remake screenshots leaked – Source

It’s not the first time pics have been leaked of new CS:GO Cache remake. FMPONE has recently revealed parts of his new map on Twitter and told Twitch viewers he’d show them some behind-the-scenes mapmaking of Cache.

It’s unclear right now whether the map will just get a new look or be entirely rehauled, with new obstacles and changed areas. However, work is well underway and the map is currently set to be released sometime next year.

FMPONE Reveals New CS:GO Map Plans – CS 1.6 Map Remake?

FMPONE also revealed that after the CS:GO New Cache remake, he might bring back a CS 1.6 map.

If you had the chance to remake one of Valve’s 1.6 maps what would it be? Well if I make another map after Cache you’ll find out, cause I have one in mind. I have one in mind that I think would be pretty dope, pretty sick, and a major change of pace. But a very successful one.

Although the project wouldn’t be released until around 2020, old 1.6 fans would love to see an old favorite like Prodigy, Chateau or Piranesi brought back to life.

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