There have been some new CS:GO map updates to Biome and Subzero today. The maps have been tested extensively since making it to the game in the October CS:GO update, and new changes aim to make the maps more balanced.

The changes aren’t anything major, but there are some nice adaptations which will change up how to play these maps a little. Here’s more on the latest CS:GO map updates.

CS:GO Biome Updates

The new CS:GO map by jd40, de_biome, has changed a few things to change up the game for both CT and T side players.

Most importantly, mid is now much wider. The narrower mid previously made gun fights a little awkward. Now, not only are you able to see a lot more, but there are also more opportunities for smokes and even smoke line-up markers.

CS:GO Biome UpdatesThere’s also an upper mid window for CT players, which can be used to guard against players from up high and throw smokes.

CS:GO Biome UpdatesYou can also now boost from B Site to heaven. A new crate has a small ledge on the side. Jump to this, then on top of the crate, and you will be able to reach heaven to catch CTs off guard.

CS:GO Biome Heaven BoostSome other small adjustments have also been made. Here’s the full list of changes from the CS:GO blog:

  • Fixed boost with visibility glitch on A long.
  • Added more crates at B boost.
  • Widened mid.
  • CT side of mid now splits into upper and lower.
  • Redesigned connector at top of mid – now “vent”.
  • Opened a window above mid, allowing nades.
  • Lowered skybox and added visual cues for nading.
  • Removed path between T spawn and catwalk.
  • Cut the sightline between A short and outside.
  • New crate on B allows jumping from site to heaven.
  • Fixed various minor bugs.

CS:GO Subzero Updates

Some changes have also been made to FMPONE’s new map, Subzero. He previously made a post on Twitter about the upcoming adjustments.

The new vent runs from Catwalk to A Connector, giving players another route to the site. A Connector has also had a redesign.

CS:GO Subzero VentCrates have also been removed on A Site and B Door has been removed. Here’s an overview of A Site now- including the vent entrance.

CS:GO Subzero UpdatesHere’s a full list of de_subzero changes from the CS:GO blog:

  • Redesigned A Connector.
  • Removed Door on B which mostly benefited T’s.
  • Removed crates in A Pit which mostly benefited T’s.
  • Fixed water in spawns eating guns.

More CS:GO Map Updates to Come?

There’s nothing else new in the latest CS:GO update, but there could be more updates to maps in the near future.

FMPONE is also working on the CS:GO Cache Remake. So far, there have been some very interesting changes to the map. However, FMPONE previously said it’s likely to launch in 2019.

New Cobble is also live in the game. It isn’t out of the question that the professional play map pool could change in the near future.

With December on the horizon, there could be some big CS:GO Updates still to come.

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