There could be some big CS:GO updates coming soon. Recent changes on the CS:GO Official Workshop show that Biome, Subzero, and most interestingly, Cobblestone have been updated! So what should we expect from these CS:GO map updates?

Biome and Subzero were added in the last CS:GO update, which also featured changes to the Tec-9, CZ-75, and the in-game economy. However, it looks like Valve is working on something big again with CS:GO map updates and maybe even more.

CS:GO Map Updates – Cobblestone Update Coming Soon?

A look at the CS:GO Official Workshop section shows that the Compatibility Versions of Biome, Subzero, and Cobble were changed on the 18th of October.

CS:GO Cobble

While the Subzero and Biome changes could simply be some bug fixes, the Cobble update stands out. Maps are usually changed on here shortly before an update, suggesting the new Cobblestone could be coming to the game.

Previously, the Dust 2 remake came on October 18, 2017, after being removed from the Active Duty Map Pool on February 3. The Inferno remake launched on October 13, 2016, after its removal the previous April.

Cobblestone was removed from the map pool on April 20th, 2018. With Valve’s tendency to make big updates in October, we could see the update very soon. We might even get a new CS:GO operation.

CS:GO Map Pool Changes?

If the new Cobblestone does launch soon, we may see another shake-up in the map pool.

There has already been much confirmation that map maker FMPONE is working on the CS:GO Cache remake, which will come in 2019. If Cobble comes back to the Active Duty map pool, Cache may be removed while the update is finalized.

CS:GO New Cache Leaks: FMPONE Shows Cache Remake On Twitch

Screenshots of the new CS:GO Cache Remake (Source)

However, there could be some even bigger changes to the map pool. The recent CS:GO blog stated that developers will monitor the time spent on each map to decide which sticks around. If Biome or Subzero are popular enough with players, they may even become Active Duty maps.

Expect some big CS:GO map updates to come within the next couple of weeks.

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