CS:GO leaks suggest that there could be a CS:GO Battle Royale mode soon! Twitter user Nors3 found that a CS:GO developer was playing a new map in the beta development branch. Could a new operation also be on the way?

New CS:GO Battle Royale Mode

Fans identified the map being played as a map for an upcoming survival mode.

There has been evidence that Counter-Strike developers are working on a survival mode for years. A video by Valve News Network noted various evidence from multiple past patches. This includes data in the game for things like beacons, sonar pulses, and a survival_island map.

The evidence seems to suggest that there will soon be a CS:GO Battle Royale mode, titled Survival. However, it’s likely the map will have fewer players than your regular BR.

Ever since the success of games like Fortnite and PUBG, the trend of Battle Royale games continues to grow.

There are many free Battle Royale games and games like Black Ops 4 implemented their own Battle Royale modes. Even FIFA 19 has a Battle Royale style mode named Survival!

New Operation in CS:GO?

Fans have been anticipating the next CS:GO operation for over a year now. In fact, it’s now a year to the day when Operation Hydra ended.

It seems that recently Valve’s focus has shifted more towards smaller updates. This includes patches like the Cobblestone remake and the MP5 update.

However, a new game mode could finally call for a new operation. With the CS:GO Cache remake also in the works, there could be a huge update on the horizon.

There’s no guarantee if or when a new operation in CS:GO will come. However, big CS:GO updates often ship in December. If we don’t get a brand new operation, at least expect some big changes, including Survival mode.

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