The CS:GO iBUYPOWER Masters 2019 starts today, January 19th. The event features eight teams battling it out for the $200,000 prize pool. More interestingly, many new CS:GO rosters will be in action after the Winter player break. Here’s more on what to expect from IBP Masters 2019.

IBP Masters 2019 – New CS:GO Teams

iBUYPOWER Masters 2019 features eight teams- Astralis, compLexity, fnatic, Cloud9, Liquid, Luminosity, FaZe, and Ghost Gaming. The first matchups are as follows.

18:00 GMT (13:00 EST) – Astralis vs compLexity
19:00 GMT (14:00 EST) – fnatic vs Cloud9
20:00 GMT (15:00 EST) – Liquid vs Luminosity
21:00 GMT (16:00 EST) – FaZe vs Ghost

This is the first time we’ll get to see many new CS:GO rosters compete in a big event.

Cloud9 recently brought in Zellsis while GOLDEN focuses on health issues. Along with kioshima, autimatic, RUSH, and flusha, the young player should make a difference to the mixed nationality roster.

Liquid will also look different after letting go of TACO to bring Stewie2k to Liquid. With some extra firepower, Liquid may look even better in 2019. After losing coach zews, they also brought in ex-Liquid player adreN to coach.


Meanwhile, n0thing and Rickeh join compLexity. While n0thing is only in the team temporarily for the IEM Katowice major, he could add some serious flair and experience to the roster.

Another interesting roster change is AdreN joining FaZe. The major winning Kazakhstani player replaces Karrigan, while YNk also joins FaZe as coach.

Ghost Gaming also made a change, bringing in freakazoid. It’ll be interesting to see what he can do under the in-game leadership of steel.

How To Watch iBUYPOWER Masters IV

The matches for IBP Masters 2019 will start at 18:00 GMT (13:00 EST) today (19 January). Keep an eye on the IBP Twitch channel and IBP YouTube channel.

The event will run throughout the weekend, with the Grand Final taking place on Monday, 21st January.

If you want to catch a first glimpse at the upcoming IEM Katowice 2019 rosters, this event is the perfect chance.

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