Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has truly geared itself up for Halloween. The new CS:GO Halloween update lets you turn into a ghost when you’re dead! You can open doors, haunt your enemies, and even turn chickens into zombies.

The update also features a new CS:GO Cobblestone remake, with a spooky Halloween design and some serious layout changes that make it feel like a whole new map. You can view the Cobblestone updates and screenshots here.

CS:GO Halloween Update: Turn Into A Ghost!

Everytime you die in Casual, Demolition, and Flying Scoutsman game modes, you’ll turn into a ghost. You can change back to the regular spectator mode, but it’s much more fun to haunt your enemies.

CS:GO Halloween Update Turn Into A GhostYou can’t impact the game too much as a ghost, but you can haunt the map by interacting with objects glass, plant pots, and doors. There are also soccer balls spread throughout the maps for you to play with while you’re dead.

CS:GO Halloween Update Turn Into A GhostUnfortunately, you can’t knife living players with the Spectral Shiv.

CS:GO Halloween Update Turn Into A GhostOther dead teammates and enemies will be visible, but only while you’re dead. Unlike Haley Joel Osment, living players won’t see dead people.

CS:GO Halloween Update Turn Into A GhostAs an extra bonus, you can also turn ghost chickens into zombie chickens by killing them!

CS:GO Halloween Update Turn Into A Ghost

CS:GO Halloween Update: What Else Has Changed?

The new update also makes some changes to maps. Some minor bug fixes and improvements have been made to new maps Biome and Subzero.

Of course, the biggest change is to Cobblestone, which now has a brand new layout. The Halloween changes will remain for a limited time, but what happens next with the map is yet to be seen.

CS:GO New Cobble Inside BWith a new Cache remake also in the works, we may see some serious changes to the map pool in the near future. If we’re lucky, we may even see a new CS:GO operation before 2018 ends.

The update is available to play right now, so log into Steam and check it out. You can view the full Release Notes here.

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