The choice between the Five-SeveN or CZ75 Auto is much like the decision between the Tec-9 or CZ. Both of these pistols can make an impact on an Eco round for CT players but in fairly different ways.

The CZ75-Auto allows you to hold down fire to unload a clip super fast, whereas the Five-SeveN offers tons of ammo making it easy to spam enemies down. So which has better stats, which has better skins, and which should you use in 2018? Let’s break down the Five-SeveN vs CZ75-Auto.

CS:GO Five-SeveN vs CZ75 Auto Stats

Although the recent CZ75-Auto update has nerfed it a little, it’s still a strong pistol. Five-SeveN also has similar damage and a few advantages. Here’s the CZ75 vs Five-SeveN stats head to head.

CS:GO Five-SeveN StatsCS:GO CZ75 Auto Stats

The CZ75 offers a higher fire rate with lower recoil control and slightly less damage. The Five-SeveN has a slightly higher Accurate Range and significantly more penetration power. The Five-SeveN has much higher ammo (20/100) than the CZ75 (12/12).

It’s also worth noting that the Five-SeveN can be drawn and reloaded faster, making it preferable for many. However, the automatic nature of the CZ gives it a higher damage per second, helping you take out enemies extra fast.

CS:GO CZ75 vs Five-SeveN Skins

If you like both guns and the choice comes down to aesthetics, both pistols have some great skins to offer.

Some of the best CZ75-Auto skins include CZ75-Auto Red Astor, CZ75-Auto Victoria, and CZ75-Auto Xiangliu.

CZ75 Red AstorCZ75 Victoria



Meanwhile, the Five-SeveN offers skins such as Five-SeveN Hyper Beast, Five-SeveN Violent Daimyo, and the ever-recognizable Five-SeveN Monkey Business.

Five-SeveN Hyper BeastCS:GO Five-Seven Monkey Business


Five-SeveN skins also seem a little cheaper on the whole, but there are plenty of good cheap skins for each.

CS:GO CZ75 Auto or Five-SeveN – Which Do Pros Use?

The CZ75-Auto is more popular by far in competitive play. It’s often used as a weapon to take weapons out of enemy’s hands during Eco. The P250 and Deagle are also commonly used as alternatives to both pistols.

CS:GO Five-SeveN or CZ75 – Which Is Better in 2018?

While the CZ75-Auto is more popular on the whole, the Five-SeveN is just as viable, especially with the recent CZ75 nerf.

With just 24 bullets in the CZ75-Auto, you need to be super accurate or you can run out of bullets after killing one or two enemies. Meanwhile, the Five-SeveN offers a whopping 120 ammo, making it incredibly useful as an Eco pistol or a sidearm at any time.

The Five-SeveN is also faster to draw and faster to reload. It’s often used for spamming enemies down with its fast fire rate. The CZ75-Auto does offer higher damage per second, but you need to choose your shots carefully.

Overall, the Five-SeveN is much better for beginners. However, the CZ75-Auto might suit those with highly accurate aim.

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