There are some new Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Updates just in time for February. The new updates were released last night, making some changes to the recently added maps. You can now play Abbey and Zoo in Competitive. There are also some adjustments to Abbey, Zoo, and Wingman map Vertigo. Here’s more on the CS:GO February Update.

CS:GO Zoo Updates

The last update brought back fan favorite de_zoo from Operation Bloodhound. The CS:GO February Update makes some slight changes to it.

Infographics around the Zoo are now much clearer so you can read about all the animals!

CS:GO Zoo Updates

The CT Models have also been replaced. Counter-Terrorist players will now play as FBI instead of SWAT members.

CS:GO Zoo Updates

Obstacles and foliage have also been removed around the map, including some changes to the B Site.

CS:GO Zoo Updates

You can check out the full list of Zoo changes in the CS:GO Patch Notes.

CS:GO Abbey Updates

Newly added map de_abbey has also undergone some changes. Abbey was the runner-up in the FACEIT MapCore Mapping Contest.

CS:GO Abbey Updates

The changes involve opening up the skybox around mid and A Site. This will allow players to throw their nades much further, allowing for some more creative strategies.

There have also been some changes to obstacles around the map, as well as general optimization.

CS:GO Abbey Updates

The full list of Abbey changes can also be seen in the Patch Notes.

CS:GO February Update

Other changes include adding both Abbey and Zoo to the Competitive matchmaking pool. Changes have also been made to the Vertigo map in wingman mode.

CS:GO Updates February 2019

Although it’s only a small update, we should get some more significant changes soon. Recent CS:GO leaks show big new CS:GO updates coming soon. With IEM Katowice 2019 only 2 weeks away, the next update will also add CS:GO major stickers and the Pick’Em contest to the game.

For now, players can enjoy playing Zoo and Abbey Competitively.

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