After getting banned for cheating, along with his teammates, CS:GO cheater ra1f explains how he cheated and exposes cheating in CS:GO from other players. A Twitter post by the ESEA player shows he used a hardware cheat which collects data from the game on where players are.

CS:GO Cheater ra1f Exposes Cheating in CS:GO

Ra1f previously played in an ESEA Advanced Team, although he received a ban for cheating midway through a match.

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He decided to host a Twitter AMA, showing how he rigged his PC for the win and explaining there are more cheaters in CS:GO.

The method he used was apparently an ESEA hardware cheat which gives players extra information. He also exposed other players, such as Brage and Grande, cheating.

He also explained he used it as he was planning to quit but wanted to make it into the MDL league first. He didn’t feel guilty and believes many more players cheat.

Cheating Problem in CS:GO

The player is far from the first or last caught with CS:GO cheats at a high level. In fact, earlier this year, Forsaken of OpTic India used a ‘word.exe’ cheat at a CS:GO LAN. This resulted in the entire team disbanding.

Shortly afterward, a VAC Ban swept China, even detecting some well-known players and streamers in the region.

The biggest private CS:GO cheat in China has just been detected. from GlobalOffensive

Earlier this year, we saw the biggest VAC Ban wave in CS:GO history, with over 60,000 CS:GO cheaters getting banned. High levels of cheaters are regularly found in the game after big Steam Sales, with cheaters regularly making new accounts.

The facts show that cheating is still alive in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and it happens at every level. With professional players finding new ways to cheat, there are likely still many unknown cheaters out there playing at a high level.

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