Despite some refurbishments to old maps, the CS:GO Active Duty Map Pool has seen little changes in the past few years. However, with many new maps now coming to Competitive mode, will Valve make a big change in 2019?

CS:GO Active Duty Map Pool – will it change in 2019?

The CS:GO Active Duty Map Pool is the short list of maps that pro players play in tournaments and events. Despite the huge amount of maps that have come in and out of the game, the competitive maps have always been relatively the same.

For years, there have been 7 maps in the pool. And while some, such as Dust II and Inferno, are cycled in and out for improvements, there has been relatively no change in terms of new maps.

However, Valve has shown in 2018 that they aren’t afraid to shake up the CS:GO meta. Recent CS:GO economy changes, new guns, and even changes to some of the most important weapons all went down in the past year. So will the CS:GO Active Duty Map Pool change in 2019?

It’s definitely an option. New maps such as Biome, Subzero, and even Vertigo have become mainstays in the Competitive CS:GO maps. There are also many other options from CS:GO Operations.

Plus, with the recent dismissal of Cobblestone, it looks like Valve is finally ready to make a change. So what could be the next CS:GO Active Duty maps?

CS:GO Active Duty Maps – which could be added?

The current CS:GO Active Duty Map Pool currently consists of the following seven maps.

  • Inferno
  • Train
  • Mirage
  • Nuke
  • Overpass
  • Cache
  • Dust II

These seven maps have been CS:GO staples for many years, but it could be time for a change. All of them, except Mirage and Cache, have been significantly changed. However, there’s a new Cache in the works for 2019, so it’ll likely remain in the pool. Mirage is also one of the most popular competitive maps and will likely stay.

However, maps like Train and Nuke, while being classics, are slightly less popular with the pros. Stats from HLTV shows these are the least played maps in professional play in 2019.

So what could be the new Active Duty maps? Of course, Biome and Subzero seem like solid bets. However, we could also see popular operation maps. Many pros have praised Santorini for being a solid competitive map. Season is also a good possibility.

Whether it’ll happen is yet to be seen. But with the way the game is going, there is a good chance we see a change in 2019.

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