A page from Japanese magazine CoroCoro leaked on Reddit says there will be 108 Super Smash Bros Ultimate Stages!

CoroCoro Leaks 108 Super Smash Bros Ultimate Stages - What Will They Be?
CoroCoro Smash Bros Ultimate Page – translated by Kaiboraka

The article promises at least 108 Super Smash Bros Ultimate Stages, in addition to 900 music tracks and a range of characters and game modes.

In the last Smash Bros Direct, it was already revealed there’d be 103 stages with more to come. Looks like we could see at least 5 more before launch. So what will the new Smash Bros Ultimate Stages be?

New Super Smash Bros Ultimate Stages – Battle Harbor? Vega Stage?

There’s already been a lot of speculation on what the new Smash Bros Ultimate stages could be.

Stages often correspond with new character reveals. The most recent Smash Bros Ultimate leaks suggest we’ll see Ken from Street Fighter, Incineroar from Pokemon Sun & Moon, and a Square Enix character.

Ken could be revealed along with his home stage, Battle Harbor. The iconic map from Street Fighter II would be perfect for Smash Bros Ultimate.

Battle Harbor – from Street Fighter Wikia

Interestingly, the official Smash Bros Ultimate music stage includes the track for Vega Stage. It might mean nothing considering 36 Street Fighter tracks are in the game. But it could be a hint that Vega Stage will be in-game, possibly with Vega as a story mode boss.

New Pokemon Stage for Incineroar – Poke Floats 2?

Incineroar will also likely get a stage of his own. There are plenty of options from the wide world of Alola in Pokemon Sun & Moon.

Many fans want to see a new version of Poke Floats from Super Smash Bros Melee. In fact, one fan even created his own version of a new Poke Floats, complete with Skull Kid and Bandana Dee.

We may see another location such as Festival Plaza or one of the many towns in Alola.

Other New Stages – Ancestral Steppe? Minecraft Stage?

With Rathalos revealed as an Assist Trophy (and likely a Story Mode boss), we might see a Monster Hunter stage. Ancestral Steppe from Monster Hunter 4 would be perfect for the job.

Ancestral Steppe – from Monster Hunter Wikia

It’s also been leaked that Smash Bros Ultimate will have some Minecraft representation. A Minecraft Stage and Assist Trophy would make much more sense than a Minecraft fighter.

If Golden Sun Isaac makes the roster, we might see one of the Elemental Lighthouses. A new Square Enix character is also rumored- maybe we’ll get another stage from Final Fantasy or even Kingdom Hearts.

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