BIG managed to make it through a close elimination match against Mousesports in StarSeries Season 6. However, after a pistol round replay, an accidental auto sniper buy, and some mid-game screaming, things flared up with ChrisJ vs smooya. Here’s how it all went down.

ChrisJ vs Smooya – What Happened?

A tense elimination match between BIG and Mousesports got off to a rough start. After Mousesports managed to plant the bomb in the pistol round, BIG asked for a replay due to Smooya crashing.

But it was Round 4 that really set ChrisJ off. After accidentally buying an Autosniper, BIG paused the game and smooya requested to restart the round. Although it was the start of the round, replaying due to a missbuy is against the rules.

ChrisJ vs Smooya in Mouz vs BIG

Some players assumed the tension started due to smooya’s loud celebrations. The reactions to BIG winning rounds were also mocked by Mousesports coach LMBT.

The match ended up 19-17 in BIG’s favor, therefore knocking Mousesports out of the tournament. But it didn’t end there.

Mouz vs BIG on Twitter

ChrisJ took to Twitter after the match to complain about Smooya being disrespectful.

But BIG tabseN stuck up for his teammate, explaining smooya didn’t intend to do anything personal to the other team.

But ropz was still disappointed, claiming the team was more bothered by the pistol round replay than anything else.

While he’s no stranger to Twitter beef, smooya explained his thoughts in an HLTV Interview, capping it off with:

I don’t want this to be a rivalry, but if they want a rivalry we’ll see what happens, I guess?

StarSeries Season 6

It was a tough loss to swallow for Mousesports. After becoming the ESL One New York Winners earlier this month, they now go out before top 8 in StarSeries Season 6.

Mousesports started off with a 2-0 run in the tournament but ended up with a 2-3 loss. In contrast, BIG came back from 0-2 to pass to the top 8 3-2.

BIG now go on to face Finnish team ENCE in the playoffs tomorrow. Renegades, OpTic Gaming, Vega, Fragsters, NRG, and North make up the rest of the top 8.

You can follow the tournament on the StarLadder Twitch Channel. Things start up again tomorrow at 7 AM GMT.

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