When it comes to CS:GO pistols, P250 is one of the best choices. Whether you need something with more power for the pistol round or a good eco weapon, it always comes in handy.

But while the plain P250 isn’t much to look at, there are plenty of great P250 skins to style it up.

Here are the best P250 skins in CS:GO.

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1. P250 Asiimov

The iconic Asiimov design looks just as good on the P250 as it does on the AWP and M4A4. If you want to style your P250 up with the orange, white, and black pattern, this skin is perfect.

You can find the P250 Asiimov in the Chroma 3 Case. You can also find it in the Steam Market for around $19 Minimal Wear.

Best P250 Skins - P250 Asiimov

2. P250 Cartel

Best P250 Skins - P250 Cartel

The P250 Cartel is an incredible P250 skin with a low-key design. The metallic features give it a stylish look, along with engraved skeletons, flowers, and serpents which add to the detail.

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You can find the P250 Cartel in the Operation Vanguard Weapon Case. It can also be bought from the Steam Market at just $7-8 Factory New.

3. P250 Mehndi

The P250 Mehndi spices the gun up with subtle orange and beige colors and a hydrographic pattern.

It’s part of the Winter Offensive Collection and can be found in the Winter Offensive Weapon Case. You can also buy P250 Mehndi from the Steam Market at around $9 Factory New.

Best P250 Skins - P250 Mehndi

4. P250 Muertos

If you want to paint your P250 red, the P250 Muertos is the skin for you. The circular pattern and striking color makes this one of the best P250 skins in CS:GO.

You can get the P250 Muertos in the Chroma Case. You can also find it on the Steam Market for around $5 Factory New.

Best P250 Skins - P250 Muertos

5. P250 See Ya Later

Best P250 Skins - P250 See Ya Later

This cartoonish alligator skin is the most unique P250 skin in the game. The colorful green and yellow graphic really adds to the snap of this powerful pistol.

The P250 See Ya Later is part of the Spectrum 2 Case. It can also be bought from the Steam Market for around $14-15 Factory New.

More of the Best P250 Skins in CS:GO

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