Ever wonder which characters win the most in Super Smash Bros Ultimate Online? Smash Bros creator Sakurai has shed some light on the character win rates in Smash Bros Ultimate. The information comes from a recent Japanese Famitsu column by Sakurai himself. The article was translated and posted on NintendoEverything. Here’s the latest on the Smash Bros Ultimate character win rates.

Character Win Rates In Smash Bros Ultimate

It turns out that so far, the characters in Super Smash Bros Ultimate are relatively balanced. While Smash Bros Ultimate Tier Lists have significant disparities between some characters, all seem to be competitively viable online.

Sakurai revealed that in 1-on-1 Online Battles, win rates for each character range between 40% and 54%.

In Elite Smash, win rates for characters ranged between 43.7% and 56.8% overall, bringing the gap slightly closer.

He also says 90% of characters have a win rate of around 45%.

King K Rool Win Rate

In his column, Sakurai focused on a few characters in particular. One of these was King K Rool, who’s often considered a strong character by fans in Japan.

King K Rool’s Win Rate in Online Battles is 51.9%. In Elite Smash, this drops to 48.9%.

Character Win Rates In Smash Bros Ultimate Revealed by Sakurai

Peach and Daisy Win Rates

Despite Daisy being an Echo Fighter of Peach, the win rates between the two characters differed significantly.

Peach has a Win Rate of 54.4% whereas Daisy has a Win Rate of just 50.9%. This is despite the two characters working largely the same as each other.

Best Smash Bros Ultimate Characters 2019 - Peach and Daisy

These characters are currently considered the best in the game by many pro players.

Character Usage – Cloud & Ganondorf Most Popular

The article also sheds some light on character usage rates. It turns out that, so far, Cloud and Ganondorf are the most popular characters in Smash Bros Ultimate Online.

Character Win Rates In Smash Bros Ultimate Revealed by Sakurai

Cloud is the most used character overall. However, Ganondorf is the most used character in Elite Smash. However, this doesn’t mean he’s the best- his win rate is only 47.9%.

Sakurai notes that it currently seems as though no character is too weak or strong. However, more character balance changes are likely to come, such as the recent character changes in Smash Bros Ultimate 2.0.0.

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