You need to see StraightUpKnives throwing knife kill cam!

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 may have been released almost seven years ago, but it is still shocking us today.

Having only gone backwards compatible in the last week, MW3 has already brought back a lot of good memories for some fans. This included StraightUpKnives, who built his YouTube career around Call of Duty back in the day – before moving on to Fortnite.

While some of us got plenty of COD rage from the standard multiplayer, there was a lot of fun to be had in some of the party games, such as ‘All or Nothing’. You may not remember it, but you went up against other players, with everyone having the same perks (Hardline, Extreme Conditioning and Stalker) and a USP .45, a tactical knife and a throwing knife.

This meant the gameplay was seriously fast-paced and always led to some crazy throwing knives but you did need to get 20 kills to take home the win.

[MW3] So it’s possible.. from r/LivestreamFail


While getting close-range throwing knives were pretty cool, everyone knows that a cross-map one is where the real glory lies. Some are easy enough to hit, but there is one that StraightUpKnives has been trying to hit for seven years. So when he did go for it with little to no expectations of actually hitting it live on Twitch, something magical happened… he did it!

Go for the Throw

Right before throwing the knife, he says:

So, if we hit it, we’ll see, I don’t know that it’s entirely possible – I’ve been going for it forever, and I don’t remember ever hitting it.”

And then boom, we got an amazing StraightUpKnives throwing knife kill-cam to end the game. It is safe to say that he couldn’t believe it at first.

His video ended up going viral and ending up on various Reddit forums.

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