It looks like there will be a new Call of Duty Blackout looting system!

Call of Duty BlackOut was a huge success, especially amongst Battle Royal fans. The gunplay was excellent, the map was a treat for the eyes, and the addition of zombies and vehicles changed things up.

You would expect that BlackOut will take over rivals PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and Fortnite. However, despite the outstandingly positive feedback, there was one serious issue with the game… the looting.

Looting was really not great on any platform, but really problematic on console. In BR games, looting needs to be done as quickly as possible, especially if you have just killed someone. On Blackout though, it felt like picking up attachments and equipment took way too long.

Thankfully though, Treyarch Game Design Director, David Vonderhaar has revealed there will be a new looting system for the game’s launch. Posting on Twitter, Vonderhaar showed off how the new system will work, and that it can be turned on or off in the settings.

Vonderhaar’s tweet

Hopefully, this will make looting much more streamlined without really annoying players by picking up items that they don’t want. We will get to have a look at how it does work when the game releases at the end of October.

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