According to reports, Call of Duty could be ready to release Modern Warfare 2 remastered, but multiplayer won’t be a thing.

For years, FPS gamers have been urging Activision to go back to its roots and remaster one of the biggest titles of all time, MW2. While the game may have driven us mental back in the day, leaving our controllers broke and walls with holes in them, it was a fun game.

In fact, many fans were willing to put all that in the past and even forget the One Man Army noob tubes just to get their hands on a remastered version. However, reports today have suggested that any remaster will not be coming with the multiplayer portion of the game.

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The news was released by CharlieIntel, who revealed that sources working on the game. The source claimed that the game would be the campaign only, which would certainly account for the $25 listing on Amazon earlier this week.

The previously remastered game – COD4R was almost double that price and initially had to be bought as part of the legacy edition of COD Infinite Warfare.

So why would Activision do this? Well, they’re apparently still hoping that fans will jump back on the WW2 ship, with their most recent release. Then, of course, there is Black Ops 4 that will be released later this year, and MW2R could affect sales of that.

However, as you can imagine, fans were absolutely furious on Twitter and here are some of the best reactions to the Modern Warfare 2 remastered multiplayer fiasco.


We’ll have to see how Activision handles this one.

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