There is another Black Ops 4 beta update and it should make everyone much happier.

While the Call of Duty Black Ops 4 beta is set to wrap up in the next few hours, the team put out a new patch last night.

There have been some problems with the beta, as you would imagine; especially with the Spitfire and other SMG’s being incredibly powerful. Interestingly, Treyarch has already pushed out a patch following week 1, nerfing the jumping and sliding mechanics. However, many felt that the nerfs were all a little too drastic, so Treyarch has toned them back a little.

In a post on Reddit, they revealed what the final changes were for week 2. They will likely be added during the next beta later this month.

Black Ops Beta Week 2 Recap Update

Beta – Week 2: Day 2 Recap from Blackops4


These were some minor changes though, with the larger ones in another Reddit post. That one explained about how the jumping and sliding mechanics would be.

Black Ops 4 movement update

  • Jump – As we mentioned in our Day 3 Beta Update, we made some modifications to jump mechanics to reduce bunny hopping. After reviewing those changes yesterday and taking into consideration the feedback from the community, we’ve relaxed some of that tuning by increasing the default jump height back to where it was last weekend.
  • We are still scaling down jump height with each subsequent jump to prevent repeated jumping during combat, but that initial jump is now five units higher again.
  • Slide – Alongside our updates to jump; we also made some slight reductions to slide speeds and distances for Weekend 2. Now that we’ve had a chance to play with those changes internally and out in the wild with you all, along with evaluating feedback, we’re slightly increasing the default slide speed and distance. We intend slide to be used as a way to get to cover and perhaps surprise an enemy around a corner. This is a delicate balancing act between achieving those intentions while ensuring slide is not used as a primary means of traversal and cannot repeatedly be spammed during combat.

Jumping is always an annoying part of Call of Duty. Players love jumping around a corner, making them very hard to hit.

PC snipers nerfed

In a final post on Reddit, Treyarch discussed what changes they had made to the PC port. Thankfully, there have been some changes to sniper rifles, which do seem a little overpowered.

Sniper Rifles

  • As it’s easier to perform accurate shots on PC with a mouse, we have moved up locational damages for Paladin and Koshka by 1 unit up, so it’s now required to shoot a bit higher to obtain a one-shot kill.
  • Koshka + Laser Sight: In the same way, we also increased the Hip Spread when using Laser Sight on the Koshka since PC players can turn faster with great accuracy. It should make Hip Fire one-shot kills a bit harder to perform with Laser Sight.

Hopefully, the final beta weekend will be a much more polished version of the game; closer to what we can expect from the final release.

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