As the UK and the world get used to self-isolation, parents will have burning questions about a number of things, including the likes of Call of Duty mobile being suitable for their kids.

Call of Duty mobile was launched as a spin-off to the multi-award-winning and successful console series.

Call of Duty mobile

Parents will be wondering if Call of Duty Mobile is suitable for children.  (

Activision have gone all out to capitalise on the popularity of one its best games ever. Experienced and new ‘COD’ players can dive into the game head-on through their mobile device.

Whether you have played Call of Duty before or are new to the game, the premise is simple. Run around either alone or in your squad and try to defeat the enemy in a host of different game modes.

These range from classic favourites like capturing the flag (domination), Zombies, and the more modern phenomenon, Battle Royale.

But is Call of Duty mobile kid-friendly? Or is it a no-go for parents currently looking to occupy their children.

Activision says no

The big thing you can take at an immediate glance is Activision’s 17+ rating for the game on the app store.

This says in itself, that you should consider handing the game to you kids. In real and strict terms, Call of Duty mobile is NOT suitable for your kids.

Blood, gore, profanity, and of course, war, are all big parts of the game. It goes without saying then that if you are concerned about any of those aspects, don’t hand the game to your kids to play!

An element of parental decision-making

Like with any computer game and even films, sometimes it depends on the parent and the child.

We don’t live under rocks so we aren’t blind enough to say that no children play games they shouldn’t. This can be games with age ratings like Call of Duty mobile, or games that involve an element of gambling.

Call of Duty Mobile

Call of Duty has been a long-standing fan favourite

Ultimately, it will come down to you as a parent to make the call when it comes to COD. Millions of people play it worldwide, including children.

In an ideal world, the game is absolutely not suitable for children. Activision making it 17+ tells you this.

However, in reality, this isn’t going to be the case. It’s a tough call but one more and more parents will be making in the weeks ahead.

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