The Boston Uprising roster changes continued Sunday afternoon with the release of Stanislav “Mistakes” Danilov.

Following the release of three players yesterday, it was announced on the team’s twitter that Mistakes would be another subject of the Boston Uprising roster changes. The Flex-DPS has most recently competed in the 2018 Overwatch World Cup on Team Russia.

Despite the Boston Uprising roster changes, fans should remember Mistakes fondly for his pivotal role in its rise to the top of the standings.

Thank you Mr. Danilov

When Mistakes took over a starting role for the Boston Uprising in Stage 3, it transformed the team. Not because of what he could do individually, but because of how he was able to unleash his team. Mistakes, while not always having the most game impact, was a very efficient player when it came to resources. Having a low-economy Flex-DPS in the lineup meant that resources were pooled towards DPS main Nam-joo “Striker” Kwon.

Photo by Robert Paul

Striker delivered and quickly rose to stardom. However, it was Mistakes’s flexibility that gave him the opportunity to reach new heights. His role in Boston’s incredible 10-0 Stage 3 cannot be understated.

Mistakes was sent off with a statement from Kraft Group President of Gaming Chris “Huk” Loranger. Huk praised Mistakes’ flexibility and willingness to grow.

Mistakes responded with a statement of his own, confirming there is no bad blood following the Boston Uprising roster changes.

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