Black Ops 4 data-miners have discovered a new Black Ops 4 Classified Easter Egg. Leaked audio from the Zombies map suggests a cutscene where Primis and Ultimis characters come face-to-face and go on to fight together. This could mean an 8 player zombies map!

Rumors have been circulating for a while about the Classified Easter Egg. Now with leaked audio of a final cutscene, it poses a very interesting possibility for BO4 Zombies.

Black Ops 4 Classified Easter Egg Leaks and Transcript

Audio leaks came out on Reddit and were originally compiled (albeit in questionable order) by fetaleaks in a Reddit post. Charlie Koncher of Elecspo rearranged the audio in an attempt to reveal how the final cutscene plays out.

(Richtofen) You!

(Primis Nikolai) I feel differently.

(Richtofen) Oh, scheisse!

(Primis Nikolai) I can no longer deny the possibility of an unseen power helping us to fulfill our destiny. Regret can consume a man so deeply that it will blacken his heart and swallow his soul. For so long, we have been fighting. Many battles, many wars.

My path is chosen. Our fate is sealed. But the innocent, the children, those untainted by darkness and chaos, they can find a better tomorrow. I will be that guiding hand.

(Ultimis Takeo) We do not understand. The earth… We saw it destroyed. Yet, here we are.

(Ultimis Dempsey) It’s more time travel bullshit Tak. It just hasn’t happened yet. Speaking of BS, how’d the hell you get back in your body doc?

(Richtofen) Does it matter Dempsey?

(Ultimis Nikolai) I’ll tell you what matters- American still give Nikolai his vodka!

(Primis Nikolai) Is that your plan Nikolai? To give up and drink yourself to oblivion? Or do you want to make a difference for once in your life?

(Primis Nikolai) You four must come with us. It time, it will make sense. But now? Now we must go. Quickly. There is a war to be fought.

(Ultimis Dempsey) War? What kind of war?

(Primis Nikolai) A war unlike any you have ever seen. The Great War.

Black Ops 4 Classified – 8 Player Zombies Map?

The cutscene reveals the Primis and Ultimis crews coming face-to-face in a time-travel twist before taking on a Great War together. With the 8 characters heading out to battle, an 8 player Zombies map could be next!

So far, BO4 Zombies maps IX and Blood of the Dead have been packed with Easter Eggs. If the next map features the Ultimis crew going out to battle with their past selves in an 8-player Zombies map, this could be the most exciting episode yet.

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