Valve are clamping down on CS:GO cheaters harder than ever in 2019. CS:GO went free-to-play in December. Since then, a record was set for most in-game bans in CS:GO in December 2018. New stats now reveal that January 2019 also had the biggest VAC wave ever, with over 1 million cheaters banned.

Biggest VAC Wave Ever – 1 Million Cheaters Banned

Cheats have long been a problem on Valve games, especially in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Matchmaking players often run into wall hackers and aim hackers in official matchmaking, ruining the experience for many.

It seems that since CS:GO became free, Valve has taken their bans more seriously than ever. Data from SteamDB shows that there were more VAC Bans than ever before in January 2019.

CS:GO developers also plan to upgrade Trust Factor matchmaking to make it even easier for legitimate players to avoid cheaters. These are updates CS:GO players have been waiting for for a long time, and it seems Valve is finally paying attention.

December also had over 622,000 VAC Bans. Just five days into February, there have already been over 115,000. While part of this is due to more cheaters playing since the game became free, it also shows more dedication on Valve’s part to make the game cheat-free.

New Updates Coming to CS:GO

The big purge on cheaters may also signify that many big updates are soon to come to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. As the IEM Katowice 2019 Major starts next week, even more new players will be introduced to the game.

There could even be a new game mode to come later in 2019. Leaks show that a CS:GO Heist Mode is currently in the works. Cache will also get a remake, which is set to come to the game later this year.

Before 2018, many players were disappointed with Valve’s lack of effort in improving CS:GO. In 2018, we saw many significant upgrades, and it seems that the game will go even further in 2019.

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