Come on then who are the biggest liars in video game history?

Trust is an invaluable thing, especially in gaming. I mean, do you want a team-mate who is going to make it impossible for you to win at anything? While team-mates are one thing, the people and companies behind the game are the main people you need to be able to trust. If a developer promises something for their game, then you expect it to come to fruition.

That being said, over the years there have been so many that have flat out lied or just not held to their promises. Can you name any of them? Well, we can, and we have!

Here are five people in gaming that love to lie.

1. Cliffy B

5 games that were loved at launch but died not long after

Oh Cliffy B, there was a time when you were loved by the gaming community thanks to the excellent Gears of War series. However, he is now not so loved thanks to him trash talking the PC community, and then his recent cash grabs.

First came Lawbreakers, the Overwatch/Paladins clone that wasn’t loved. Then came Radical Heights which was a blatant attempt to jump on the Battle Royale bandwagon. Neither stuck, then the company closed despite offering microtransactions in Radical Heights, leaving anyone that put money in the game with the fear that servers could be shut.

Finally, let’s be honest, he doesn’t help himself with his comments on other people and companies in the gaming world.

2. Peter Molyneux

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I had the pleasure of meeting Peter once while at Uni, and I can confirm he is a charming chap. That being said, I’m not sure I would trust him to tell me the time, let alone believe what he promises about a game he’s involved with.

Remember when he claimed that if your character knocked an acorn off a tree on Fable 2 that a new tree would grow thanks to that acorn? Yeah, that never happened, and that is just one of the many, many lies he has put out over the years.

Here are just a few more:

  • Female playable characters
  • An open world that could be explored by and path (as in The Elder Scrolls)
  • A quest system in which tasks could be “stolen” (taken before you do) by NPC’s, creating dynamic rivalries with other heroes
  • Permanent marks on trees
  • A posse system; townsfolk would gather together and hunt you down when you started causing trouble
  • A revenge system; the sons of those you had killed would, eventually, grow and train to become lethal warriors, tracking you down for vengeance.
  • “The best RPG ever” -Actual quote from magazine interviews
  • The ability to marry and have children
  • When you die, your children were supposed to carry on your quest for you.
  • Real time ageing, including deaths due to natural causes.

He is easily one of the biggest liars in video game history.

3. Todd Howard

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Yeeehaaw! Todd Howard may sound like a cowboy, and he may have been involved in some of the greatest games of all time, but let’s be honest, he loves a good lie.

Maybe calling him a filthy liar would be a little too much, but he is undoubtedly a man who loves to exaggerate projects. Before Fallout 3, Howard claimed that the game would have 200 endings, when in reality there was about three, with others having slightly different cutscenes.

Then came the Skyrim lies:

  • Howard claimed that if you killed an entire settlement and it would mean the town would be a ghost town.
  • Skyrim would be an infinite game with quests that keep appearing organically.
  • You can climb mountains and not have to slowly, slowly, try and beat the invisible walls up the hills.
  • The games AI would be organic and would not be too scripted.

Nothing came of any of this…

4. Sean Murray

via No Man’s Sky Wiki

Ah, No Man’s Sky. What else is there to say about this game? While it was a decent title, maybe if Sean Murray hadn’t lied so much ahead of the release, the game wouldn’t have been curcified by the disappointed public.

I’m not going to list every lie that No Man’s Sky was, but I can let you read all of them thanks to this Reddit post:

Where’s the No Man’s Sky we were sold on? A BIG list of things that are missing with sources, links and quotes. Also, dubious advertisement (x-post from r/nomansskythegame) from r/Games

5. Hideo Kojima

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It is very hard to hate Kojima; he really is a very likeable bloke. That being said, he is well known for little white lies that build up over time. While one of them was one of the biggest swerves in gaming – in Metal Gear Solid 2 where you don’t play as Snake, but instead Raiden.

Then there was when he promised that David Hayter would absolutely be returning for the fifth instalment of the Metal Gear Series. You let me down Hideo!

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