As 2018 ends and a new year begins, Twitter reveal a range of statistics about 2018. Recently, a blog by Twitter covered how the world of gaming generated buzz on Twitter last year. In addition to revealing the top games (Fate/Grand Order, Fortnite) and top events (E3, Tokyo Game Show 2018) they also revealed the most Tweeted about esports players of 2018. Here are the biggest esports players on Twitter 2018.

10. ZooMaa (@ZooMaa)

ZooMaa was the 10th most popular esports athlete on Twitter last year in terms of Tweets about him. The Call of Duty player represents one of the biggest esports organizations in the world- FaZe. Although he fell short at the CoD World Championships, he picked up many fans with good plays and a popular Twitch stream.

9. Attach (@Attach)

Another Call of Duty player who represents FaZe. Attach is mostly known for his Twitch streams, although he also aspires to be a top tier pro.

8. Leffen (@TSM_Leffen)

In contrast to the last two, Leffen is a professional Super Smash Bros Melee player. He received huge acclaim as he beat all-time great Armada at EVO 2018, the biggest fighting game event of the year. He’s also known for his Smash Bros content, such as his recent Smash Bros Ultimate Tier Grid.

7. Clayster (@Clayster)

Clayster is a CoD player for eUnited, showing just how powerful the Call of Duty fanbase is on Twitter. He’s known for multiple gold medals and an MVP in CoD. He also has a successful YouTube channel.

6. FalleN (@FalleNCS)

FalleN is seen as the godfather of Brazilian Counter-Strike. He brought up Luminosity Gaming (and soon SK Gaming) from an unknown team to a two-time major winning roster. He now represents MIBR, and while the team had a rough 2018, the stats show the Brazilian CS:GO fanbase is as strong as ever.

5. Crimsix (@OpTic_Crimsix)

Crimsix is the most successful Call of Duty player with 33 major tournament wins to his name. He represents OpTic, known for their huge and loyal fanbase. He also regularly streams when he’s not busy competing.

4. Doublelift (@TLDoublelift)

Doublelift is surprisingly the first LoL player on the list, despite the enormous following League of Legends has. He’s currently a bot laner for Team Liquid, where he picked up multiple wins in 2018. 

3. Hungrybox (@LiquidHbox)

Also repping Liquid but in a completely different game is Hungrybox. Hbox had an outstanding 2018, winning 14 events across the year. He’s at the top of the best Smash Bros players of 2018 without a doubt and one of the biggest esports players on Twitter 2018.

2. xQc (@xQc)

The Quebecois Overwatch player is known for being the former Main Tank of Dallas Fuel. Despite solid performances in the Overwatch World Cup, he was removed from the roster for abusive comments and now focuses on streaming.

1. Scump (@OpTic_Scumper)

At the very top of the list is Scump, known as the captain of OpTic Gaming. He’s led the Call of Duty team to an impressive string of victories. He’s also known for his Twitch stream and YouTube content. With the Green Wall behind him, he’s the most Tweeted about esports player in 2018.

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