This year, we saw young players like Magisk and Twistzz rise up to become some of the absolute best CS:GO players of 2018. But there’s a whole new crop of talent coming, with many young players with the potential to become the best CS:GO players of 2019. So who are the best upcoming CS:GO players? Here are the top five.

Best Upcoming CS:GO Players 2018

1. ZywOo

It’s not too often that a new prodigy rises through the French CS:GO scene. Most French rosters generally shuffle the same tried-and-tested players. However, CS:GO ZyWoo has been on fire this year.

The French 17-year-old has put up great stats, both online and with new French CS:GO team Vitality. Rubbing shoulders with major winners like apEx, NBK, and Happy will only see his skills grow further.

2. sergej

At just 16 years old, sergej has already had a great level of success in Counter-Strike. He’s the highest-rated player of Finnish team ENCE and helped them to multiple tournament victories this year, including becoming the StarSeries Season 6 winners.

3. Brollan

Much like sergej, Brollan has reached the top level of CS:GO at just 16 years old. After good showings with teams like GODSENT and Red Reserve, Brollan joined fnatic this year to move on to even greater heights.

So far, Brollan has put on a solid showing with his new team. With his youth and skills, fnatic could easily reach the top 10 again in 2019.

4. woxic

With a huge 1.26 HLTV rating in 2018, woxic has shone as one of the best CS:GO players from Turkey. Since joining HellRaisers last year, woxic has proven himself as a great player. This year, he took home the grand prize in StarSeries Season 4 and the CIS Minor.

At just 20 years old, woxic has plenty of potential to grow in 2019.

5. blameF

When it comes to the highest-rated players of 2018 by HLTV stats, blameF is second only to s1mple.

That’s not to say the two are comparable. S1mple has been routinely beating the best teams in the world while blameF is battling it out in the lower ranks. Still, with a 1.34 rating in 122 maps, blameF shows he’s one of the best upcoming CS:GO players.

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