Although the release of Super Smash Bros Ultimate is still a few weeks away, plenty of players have had the chance to play at events. What’s more, the footage available has led to many pros making Smash Bros Ultimate Tier Lists of the best Smash Bros Ultimate Characters to use.

So who should you main? With a roster of 70 characters, you’ll be spoilt for choice. But if you’re looking for the best competitive Smash Bros Ultimate fighter, here are the Top Tier characters determined by pros.

Best Smash Bros Ultimate Characters


Pikachu is currently considered Top Tier by various pros. Some even consider him the potential best character in Smash Bros Ultimate. Smash 4 Pikachu pro player ESAM noted in his Smash Bros Ultimate Demo Tier List that Pikachu was even better than before. With high speed, strength, and the ability to dodge attacks fast, he’s a great pick for beginners and veterans alike.


Much like in Melee and Smash Bros for WiiU and 3DS, Sheik is a super strong character. ZeRo praised Sheik for her combos, strength, and ease of use. All the current Smash Bros Ultimate Tier Lists put her at Tier 1 so anyone who loves using Zelda’s alter-ego will be happy in Smash 5.


Marth (and his now Echo Fighter Lucina) are also considered Top Tier in all current tier lists. According to Mew2King, he hasn’t changed much since Smash 4, but his Side B is a little faster and he may have some new combos.

Diddy Kong

Diddy Kong has been a top tier character ever since Brawl and was even considered S-Tier in Smash 4 along with Bayonetta and Cloud Strife. ZeRo and Nairo agreed that Diddy hasn’t changed too much in Smash Bros Ultimate, meaning he’s still a good pick for any player. Potentially one of the best in the game.


One of the most surprising characters so far has been Olimar. Big changes have been made to the character since Smash 4. In his analysis, ZeRo said Olimar looks broken so far thanks to stronger moves and great defensive abilities. Other pro players also agree Olimar looks like a potential best.

More of the Best Smash Bros Ultimate Characters

Characters such as Bayonetta, Cloud, Mewtwo, and Snake also look like potential top tier characters early on. But with a huge roster of characters and plenty of time to discover their potential, there are tons worth trying out.

Check out the current Super Smash Bros Ultimate Tier Lists by pros for more!

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