Looking for games to play for Halloween? You’re in luck. Many popular games are having huge Halloween game events for Halloween 2018. You can pick up spooky skins, take part in Halloween challenges and competitions, and enjoy new Halloween-themed additions. Here are some of the best Halloween game events for 2018.

1. Fortnite – Fortnitemares 2018

Fortnite is already full of some great Halloween additions. Many new Fortnite Halloween skins and cosmetics have been added. You’ll be able to get your hands on these in the in-game shop this week.

Epic Games have also started the Fortnitemares event. You can do Halloween challenges, fight against zombies and monsters, and wield new Halloween weapons like the Fiend Hunter Crossbow.

2. CS:GO – Halloween Cobblestone Update

There’s also a CS:GO Halloween update! Cobblestone is now a whole new map. In addition to layout changes, it’s nighttime-themed and features props such as coffins and zombie chickens. The Halloween theme is for a limited time only, so try it while you can.

CS:GO Halloween Cobblestone

You can also turn into a ghost while playing Casual, Demolition or Flying Scoutsman mode. You can haunt your enemies and play ball with other spirits before you respawn.

3. PUBG – Halloween Skins and Night Mode

PlayerUnknown’s BattleGrounds has added some Halloween skins and weapons for a limited time only.

For even more Halloween fun, download PUBG Mobile for free. The game features a range of new Halloween costumes, weapon skins, and vehicles. You can also play PUBG Night Mode, adding a whole new element to the game with dark skies and Night Vision Goggles.

4. Hearthstone – Hallow’s End 2018

Hearthstone is no stranger to Halloween game events. Log in to Hearthstone at any point during their Hallow’s End event and you’ll get a free golden Witch’s Cauldron Card!

The game also has other Halloween features. You can play the Headless Horseman Tavern Brawl and pick up a Hallow’s End Card Bundle. Hearthstone is free to play, so anyone can join in the Halloween fun.

5. Overwatch – Overwatch Terror Event 2018

The Overwatch Halloween Terror Event is also active until the end of Halloween. You can get Halloween loot boxes, buy Overwatch Halloween skins, and take part in the Junkenstein’s Revenge PvE brawl.

Maps like Eichenwalde and Château Guillard have also been spooked up and there’s even new Halloween emotes.

6. Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 – Halloween Update

The Black Ops 4 Halloween event lasts until the 2nd of November. You can pick up nine Halloween rewards, such as the Ghoul Rare warpaint and Halloween gestures.

You can also try out the Halloween Calling event, found through the Zombies Barracks menu.

More Halloween Game Events

Games such as Destiny 2, Rainbow Six: Siege, DragonBall Fighter Z, Dead By Daylight, Pokemon Go, Warface, and Elder Scrolls Online also have Halloween updates.

You can also check out the Steam Halloween Sale for some great game deals!

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