If you’re wondering when is the Battlefield V Battle Royale release date is – join the club! We’re all left in the dark here, but we at least know it is happening!

Battlefield V’s latest trailer might have just blown Call of Duty’s out of the water. The Devastation of Rotterdam trailer was released late yesterday to celebrate GamesCon and, well, it looked amazing.

Unlike the first trailer which game everyone motion sickness, this one really did show off the capabilities of the game. Of course, this wasn’t a gameplay trailer and cinematics always look incredible, but it has certainly built hype up for the game.

While you may go into the trailer for the singleplayer or multiplayer info, you are also treated to a brief look at their Battle Royale mode. Okay, everyone has a Battle Royale mode — there are even games about building a Battle Royale game.

However, in the Frostbite engine and with Dice’s environmental effects, could BFV’s BR be the best one yet?

Well, we didn’t get too much info from the trailer, but it does appear that the BR staple of a circle will be a ring of fire! The Battle Royale mode had been expected, especially with Call of Duty Black Ops 4 having their ‘Blackout Mode’. However, with such little info, this brief 20 seconds clip is all we have to talk about.

What can we tell?

via Dice

As we mentioned, it would appear that the BR’s circle to move players will be a huge ring of fire. This is certainly a cool concept, especially as both PUBG and H1Z1 have done the gas concept and Fortnite has their storm.

It does look like you will be able to use vehicles, which would suggest that the map will be on a scale like we’ve not seen before. We do know that Black Ops 4’s Blackout will be 1,500 times bigger than their iconic NukeTown map. So, could BFV’s be even bigger? Well, Black Ops will have vehicles too, so it could mean they are at least similar sizes.

Will it launch with the game?

Again, there is no confirmation but we do know the game launches on October 19. We also know that Blackout won’t release until after launch, with a beta coming in September. With both games coming out just a week apart, we can imagine that both BR modes will have a similar launch.

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