Battalion 1944 could be the competitive game which will kick any casuals ass.

There have been plenty of shooters trying to compete with the likes of Call of Duty but they’ve come and gone.

The likes of Red Orchestra, Day of War have all come and tried but haven’t kept up – at least not in the competitive scene.

However, Battalion 1944 could have the best chance of taking on one of the competitive FPS big boys.

And this is despite only having a team of 13 working in a small studio in Derby – Bulkhead Studios are ready to take on the big boys.

Speaking to, Joe Brammer said:

“Our original question was: what’s Call of Duty missing? It might just be matchmaking, a good working server system, team support and back-end support.

via Bulkhead Games

“But obviously, we couldn’t just go, ‘let’s take Call of Duty 2, mod it until it works and then release it’ – that’s not going to be commercially viable for a business. So we had to remake the bits we wanted and then add our own things.”

“From day one, we drew a whiteboard of where Call of Duty can beat us – things like console, arcade shooter – and where we can win.


“And that was stuff like competitive, skill-based, community-driven… the Call of Duty community doesn’t drive [the series], Activision can just do what it wants. We also looked at modding, and how we can apply that.”

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With the continuing popularity of CS:GO, it is easy to see why a skill-based competitive FPS would be well worth putting forward.

And as Brammer points out, COD certainly moved to a more twitch-based shooter which very much caters to casual players.

Can Battalion go competitive?

It all points to that yes.

In fact, whilst watching streamer Summit1g the other day, he claimed that teams are already signing players to Battalion squads and mentioned that CS:GO players are taking the game very seriously.

With a strong community, good audience, regular updates and the right backing – Battalion could be the dark horse of competitive FPS’s this year.

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