With 5 DLC Packs to come to Smash Bros Ultimate, each with a new DLC character, many fans wonder who it will be. One character who has consistently been demanded by fans is Bandana Dee from the Kirby series. Will we get Bandana Dee in Smash Bros Ultimate DLC? Here’s a few reasons why it’s likely to happen.

Bandana Dee Is A Highly Requested Character

While he might not be as big of a name as Banjo Kazooie or Shadow the Hedgehog, Bandana Dee has massive fan support. Many fans have called for his appearance in Smash Bros Ultimate on social media. He’s also a consistently popular character in fan polls.

Estimated data from the Smash Bros 4 Fan Ballot showed Bandana Dee to be the #1 most wanted character in Japan. He was also one of the top 10 most requested in Europe and the US, showing his worldwide popularity.

Unconfirmed characters, from estimated ballot poll data
byu/zelcf insmashbros

A more recent Reddit fan poll still had Bandana Dee as one of the most wanted Smash Bros Ultimate DLC characters. With many characters making it to the game based on fan demand, Bandana Dee has a high likelihood.

Bandana Dee is a Sakurai Creation

The creator of Super Smash Bros, Masahiro Sakurai, is also the creator of the Kirby series.

Other Sakurai characters such as Kirby, King Dedede, Meta Knight, and Dark Pit and Palutena from Kid Icarus: Uprising have been key Smash Bros characters.

With Sakurai in charge, he could bring a faithful representation of Bandana Dee to the game. With many characters from series like Mario and Fire Emblem, another Kirby character isn’t out of the question.

Bandana Dee Would Have A Great Moveset

While Bandana Dee is similar in style to Kirby and Meta Knight, he could work drastically differently in the game. In Kirby games, Bandana Dee uses a spear in many different ways. He also throws items at opponents.

Redditor u/DefinitelyNotSascha created a detailed character concept for how Bandana Dee could work in Smash Bros Ultimate. With various spear attacks, throws, and special moves, he could add something unique to the roster.

While current Smash Bros Ultimate DLC leaks revolve around Minecraft Steve and a Square Enix character, Bandana Dee is still a likely inclusion. With Piranha Plant set to release in January or February, the next DLC character will likely follow around Spring time 2019. Stay tuned to Elecspo to keep up with the latest Smash Ultimate news.

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