Astralis have won yet another event, the ECS Season 6 Finals. But while it’s their 12th tournament win of 2018, Astralis set CS:GO records with their latest championship. Dev1ce, dupreeh, and Xyp3x are now the first millionaires in CS:GO in terms of tournament earnings. Dev1ce also set an individual record for the most MVP medals ever in CS:GO.

Astralis Become First Players to Make A Million in CS:GO

Astralis’ ECS Season 6 Finals win came in a Grand Final against MIBR. Despite losing to the Brazilian and American roster 1-2 in the Group Stages, Astralis won 2-0 in the Finals to take the trophy.

Astralis have been the highest paid CS:GO players based on tournament earnings ever since earlier this year. However, a plethora of event wins and the recent $250,000 grand prize at ECS Season 6 brings them even higher.

Their latest win pushes Xyp9x, Dupreeh, and Dev1ce over the $1 million mark according to Esportsearnings. This doesn’t account for things like sponsorships and salaries, but these three players have earned more from tournaments than any other player in Counter-Strike history.

Dev1ce Sets Record for Most MVP Medals in CS:GO

Hitting a million isn’t the only CS:GO record Astralis set. Dev1ce also picked up another HLTV MVP medal for his performance at the event.

Dev1ce has now won 6 MVP medals this year, putting him in a tie with s1mple for most MVP medals won in one year.

However, even more impressively Dev1ce now has the record for most MVP Medals in CS:GO history at 11. He overtakes GeT_RiGhT and kennyS, who each have 10. With six in this year alone, the sky’s the limit for the young Dane.

While s1mple’s individual stats this year may be higher, it’s hard to argue that dev1ce is the best CS:GO player of 2018 based off results. However, it’s also in large part thanks to being part of one of the most dominant rosters in CS:GO history.

Astralis won 12 CS:GO tournaments this year, including their second CS:GO Major Championship. If no one is able to end their reign, Astralis may set even more CS:GO records in 2019.

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