Armada announced his retirement from Melee singles the other day in a YouTube video. But although Armada retires from Melee Singles, he looks forward to many future opportunities, including Melee Team tournaments and Smash Bros Ultimate!

Armada Retires from Melee Singles Due to Lack of Motivation

After a long, storied career of over a decade, Armada announced his decision to walk away from Smash Bros Melee Singles.

He cites a lack of motivation ever since EVO 2017 for his retirement. Although he still loves the Smash community, entering Melee tournaments has lost its appeal for the Swedish vet.

When I enter tournaments in Singles, it’s almost to the point where I feel physically sick most of the time. Where I really don’t want to do it, but I’m like I’ve invested so much of my life into this game. And especially around this time and age I really want to make sure that this is what I feel that I want to do.

Armada is known as one of the Five Gods of Melee. He’s an all-time great who’s reached the number one spot many times over. He cites this as another reason for his withdrawal.

My approach has always been that I want to the best. Then after that, I wanted to be the greatest of all time. And personally, I would say that I have done that, I have succeeded that.

But despite quitting Melee singles, he still has many plans for his future in Smash Bros.

Will Armada Compete in Smash Bros Ultimate?

Right now, Armada plans to continue with Smash Bros Melee Team tournaments with his brother and partner Android.

Compare to singles, it’s just so much more fun for me to play Teams so I wanna keep doing that. And in Teams, I also feel like I have things that I wanna achieve with Android.

They plan to compete at the upcoming Big House 8, although Armada will miss Smash Summit 7.

Armada also has plans to experiment with Smash Bros Ultimate. It’d make perfect sense to compete in a fresh new game full of challenges, especially with the upcoming Smash Bros Ultimate Squad Strike mode being played in tournaments.

Ultimate I do get an increased chance, maybe that’s what I need, like a new challenge for a new game. I’ll take things one step at a time.

In addition to Team tournaments and Ultimate, Armada plans to grow his Twitch and YouTube channel with more Smash content. He also has plans to commentate in future tournaments. Although he retires from Melee singles, it won’t be the last time Smash fans hear from Armada.

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