New game streaming service Antstream will let you play all your favourite retro titles.

Using the Netflix model, Antstream will offer a cloud-based subscription service, housing hundreds of old games; all playable on Android and Windows devices.

So far, the service has announced deals with Midway, Williams, Atari, Epyx and, Data East. It will include games ranging from arcade classics to newer games and systems.

No Nintendo

There has unfortunately been no news on a potential partnership with Nintendo, with the legendary company being incredibly unflexible when it comes to the licensing of their games to third-parties.


While Nintendo isn’t on board, the sheer volume of quality classic games should make up for this. In fact, the Antstream home page shows off games such as Mortal Kombat, Pit Fighter, and Crude Buster; so there is plenty to play!

There is no release date as of yet for the service and no pricing structure either. However, you can sign up to be notified on their site as soon as it is released.

We would hope that it would be similarly priced to Netflix, or even EA Access, with a £5 to £7 starting plan being a good sweet spot.

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