Many Smash Bros Ultimate characters have been mentioned in leaks and rumors, from the obvious to the obscure. While some of these look more legitimate and others, here’s a full list of Smash Bros Ultimate character leaks and rumors to assess who may or may not end up in the game.

Skull Kid in Smash Bros Ultimate

The villain from Majora’s Mask features in some questionable Smash Bros Ultimate leaks. However, the main evidence for him comes from Sakurai’s set in the previous Smash Bros Ultimate direct. Sakurai is known for dropping hints for new characters (the previous set reflected King K Rool).

Add that to the fact King K Rool’s trailer shows the original Nintendo Smash Bros characters facing off with their rivals and Skull Kid is a very strong possibility to counteract Young Link.

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Incineroar in Smash Bros Ultimate

Every Smash Bros game to date introduces a Pokemon from a new Generation (Pikachu/Jigglypuff, Pichu, Lucario, Greninja). While there were rumors of Decidueye, recent leaks say Incineroar will make it to the Smash Bros Ultimate roster before launch.

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Golden Sun Isaac in Smash Bros Ultimate

While not set in stone, there are a few strong hints for Isaac in the Smash Ultimate roster:

  • Nintendo recently applied for a new trademark for Golden Sun, suggesting a revival
  • He’s very highly popular in fan polls, which Sakurai admits to using for new characters
  • A Tweet by Sakurai strongly reflected the Golden Sun battle scene

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Street Fighter Ken in Smash Bros Ultimate

Rumors for Ken as a Ryu Echo Fighter were dropped by Vergeben- a leaker with various correct Smash Bros Ultimate leaks in the past. With 36 Street Fighter tracks confirmed for the game, it’d be strange to see no new Street Fighter representation.

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Minecraft Steve in Smash Bros Ultimate

Two credible leakers, Vergeben and Senjougahara__Hitagi on Reddit, have stated they heard from sources that Minecraft Steve will be in the game. They have also mentioned the possibility of a Minecraft stage and/or Assist Trophy.

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Dixie Kong in Smash Bros Ultimate

Various elements of Diddy Kong have been changed. While he had a costume change for Dixie Kong in Smash Bros 4, these haven’t been confirmed for Ultimate. Dixie Kong is very popular in fan polls and Sakurai wanted Dixie Kong in Smash Bros Brawl.

With another Rare character being added in King K Rool, Dixie Kong’s inclusion seems like a good possibility.

Sora in Smash Bros Ultimate

The Kingdom Hearts protagonist scores very highly in fan polls. What’s more, both Disney and Kingdom Hearts co-creator have expressed interest in bringing him over. With a recent rumor that a Square Enix fighter will make the roster, it could be the iconic Keyblade-wielding character.

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Bandana Dee in Smash Bros Ultimate

Bandana Dee is one of the most wanted Super Smash Bros Ultimate characters by fans, especially in Japan. He’s also a Sakurai creation, meaning the Smash Bros Ultimate creator could very easily give fans what they want.

A GameFAQs post also noted months before Daisy’s reveal that her Amiibo code gave away her inclusion. With a similar discrepancy in his code, this could mean Bandana Waddle Dee also makes the roster.

Banjo Kazooie in Smash Bros Ultimate

There’s a huge fan campaign to see Banjo and Kazooie in Smash Bros Ultimate. Even the staff behind the original game and rights-owners Microsoft have shown their support. This one seems fairly likely for a late addition, maybe post-release.

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Geno in Smash Bros Ultimate

Geno is another character who does very strongly in fan polls. Sakurai also wanted Geno in Smash Bros Brawl. Smash 4 had a Mii Gunner costume representing Geno. It seems that if Geno ever makes it to Smash Bros, it’ll be now.

Square Enix Character in Smash Bros Ultimate

Successful leaker Vergeben has stated that a Square Enix character is planned for the Smash Bros Ultimate roster. It isn’t confirmed quite who yet and could refer to Sora. It could also refer to a Final Fantasy character, given the recent release of FFXV: Pocket Edition and previous Final Fantasy games on the Switch.

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Black Shadow in Smash Bros Ultimate

He doesn’t seem like the most likely inclusion, but Black Shadow got a mention in a leak that correctly predicted other characters. Credibility is questionable, but a new F-Zero character hasn’t been added since Smash 64, and Captain Falcon needs a rival.

Another 4chan Leak Of Sorts, Take It With A Grain Of Salt As Always.
byu/Steamour insmashbros

Funky Kong in Smash Bros Ultimate

A leak posted on 4chan correctly guessed various characters before their inclusion, such as Simon Belmont, K Rool, Dark Samus, and Chrom. The leak also brought up Funky Kong, who could be a Donkey Kong Echo Fighter.

Rayman/Rabbids in Smash Bros Ultimate

Rayman was also brought up in a 4chan leak with various correct calls. Nintendo has a very good relationship with Ubisoft, even collaborating on games like Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle. It seems likely a Ubisoft representative will make it into Smash at some point- either Rayman or one of the Rabbids.

Chorus Kids/Karate Joe in Smash Bros Ultimate

A data-miner found files for a Rhythm Heaven character in Smash Bros for WiiU, suggesting one was planned for the Smash 4 roster. Most speculate this would be the Chorus Kids, but there’s also a fan theory for Karate Joe in Smash Bros.

Not sure if this has been seen/posted, but this was posted on 4chan as “evidence” for Karate Joe’s inclusion. Thought you guys would be interested.
byu/Some_Nomad insmashbros

Smash Bros Ultimate Leaks, Hints & Rumors

All Smash Bros Ultimate leaks should be taken with a grain of salt, but some of these are very strong possibilities. We’ll be keeping up with all the newest info on Super Smash Bros Ultimate. Be sure to keep up with or follow us on Twitter @Elecspo!

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