Many CS:GO Roster Changes have happened in the past few weeks in the lead-up to IEM Katowice 2019. The CS:GO Major roster lock means that we now know the players and teams in IEM Katowice 2019. Here’s a list of all CS:GO roster changes for IEM Katowice 2019.

All CS:GO Roster Changes 2019

MIBR – TACO and Felps Replace Stewie2k and tarik

There have been some significant MIBR roster changes in the past couple of months. The Brazilian core removed American players tarik and Stewie2k for former SK Gaming/Luminosity players TACO and felps. They have also brought back coach zews, removing YNk.

Team Liquid – Stewie2k Joins, TACO Leaves

The MIBR roster swap involved a trade of Stewie2k for TACO. Stewie2k already helped Liquid win IBP Masters 2019. Team Liquid also brought back adreN as a coach to replace zews.

compLexity – n0thing and Rickeh Join

Complexity Gaming or coL are no strangers to roster changes. While the FACEIT London Major roster had a good run, n0thing and Rickeh now replace yay and ANDROID. However, n0thing plans to leave after one last major run.


In a huge roster move, BIG recruits XANTARES to take nex’s place. However, nex remains in the roster as the coach as he heals from wrist injuries. XANTARES is the top-rated player on HLTV.

HellRaisers – Hobbit Replaces Bondik

Back in November 2018, HellRaisers brought in Hobbit to replace Bondik. Bondik now plays in Hobbit’s former team, Gambit.

FaZe Clan – AdreN Joins, karrigan Leaves

AdreN joined FaZe to replace karrigan, their former in-game leader. The team will now be led by NiKo while AdreN provides additional firepower. FaZe also brought on YNk as former coach RobbaN steps down.

G2 Esports – Jackz, Lucky Join

In a somewhat surprising move, G2 Esports brought on former 3DMAX players Jackz and Lucky to replace Smithzz and former IGL Ex6TeNz. Their current coach is maLeK.

Cloud9 – Zellsis, Kioshima Join

Cloud9 had many roster changes in 2018. Their lineup for the IEM Katowice CS:GO Major is now autimatic, RUSH, Golden, flusha, kioshima, and Zellsis as coach. Zellsis will likely as a player for the team while Golden recovers from health issues.

TYLOO – Attacker, Summer Join

As of the 1st of January 2019, Attacker and Summer are on loan from Flash Gaming. They’ll join xccurate, BnTeT, and somebody in TYLOO for the IEM Katowice 2019 Major.

Team Vitality – ALEX Joins to Replace Happy

At the end of December, Team Vitality announced that ALEX was brought in to replace Happy. He’ll join NBK, apEX, RpK, and ZywOo in the Vitality roster for IEM Katowice.

More CS:GO Roster Changes 2019

While this covers the major roster changes, there have been various other CS:GO roster moves in 2019. For instance, boltz recently replaced yeL in Luminosity and freakazoid joined Ghost Gaming. You can view all recent transfers at Liquipedia.

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