With Karrigan out of FaZe, it appears AdreN is the newest FaZe CS:GO roster member. The move was previously rumored after DeKay reported negotiations between FaZe and AdreN. Fans also noted that AdreN joined the FaZe Steam Group. Now, fellow Gambit member seized confirmed AdreN to FaZe on his Twitch stream.

AdreN Joins FaZe

After Karrigan was removed from the FaZe CS:GO roster, many fans wondered who the replacement would be. With experienced international players like cromen and mixwell available, the AdreN move is somewhat unexpected.

However, the move isn’t necessarily a bad one. AdreN was one of the top players in the major-winning Gambit roster. He also has previous experience of in-game leading, although it’s yet to be seen who leads the new FaZe CS:GO team.

AdreN had a somewhat lackluster year in 2018 with the struggling Gambit roster. However, he was one of the stand-out players of 2017, winning a major and reaching the HLTV top 20 that year. Joining forces with FaZe may see him surpass his previous peak.

New FaZe CS:GO Roster

While the AdreN move is still to be announced, it seems to be all but confirmed. With the Kazakhstani player joining the roster, the team will consist of NiKo, AdreN, GuardiaN, rain, and olofmeister. RobbaN will stay as coach.

FaZe will compete at the IEM Katowice 2019 major as one of the Top 8 teams from the previous FACEIT London Major. The event kicks off on February the 13th.

The team had a strong 2018, although constant roster changes saw them struggle towards the end of the year. With Karrigan being kicked from the IGL role, it seems the team may need some structure and a new playstyle to thrive again. We’ll see soon what the new FaZe CS:GO roster can do.

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