IEM Chicago wrapped up this weekend and Astralis are your IEM Chicago 2018 winners. But that’s not to say the other teams in attendance didn’t have their moments. It’s hard to think of a tournament with more aces. Here are the top 5 aces at IEM Chicago 2018.

Top 5 Aces at IEM Chicago 2018

5. Nex Pistol Ace

Starting the second pistol round 9-6 against NaVi, nex came up BIG. It looked bad for the German team when they found themselves in a 2v4 against NaVi, but nex mowed down all 4 with just a Glock to polish off an ACE. BIG came back to win the map 16-13 and, ultimately, the series.

4. NAF Ace Against Mousesports

No pistols, no ecos, just a solid A Site hold from one of the best CS:GO players of 2018. NAF took out the mousesports players one by one and even managed to plant in between. Definitely one of the best aces at IEM Chicago 2018.

3. TACO Ace Against Astralis

Liquid may have lost the grand finals 3-0 to Astralis, but that doesn’t mean they didn’t have their moments. When TACO found himself getting rushed on B in an Astralis eco round, he reacted fast. After 4 quick kills with his pistol he finished the job off with the FAMAS. Liquid were close to taking Mirage, but lost 16-14 in the end.

2. Twistzz Deagle Ace Against fnatic

Against a fnatic full-buy, Twistzz killed Twist, Brollan, and the rest of fnatic using nothing but a deagle. It was an incredible play to take back momentum in an eco, although fnatic would eventually win the map. Twistzz played out of his mind the whole tournament but unfortunately came up short in the finals.

1. CeRq 4k Becomes xeta Ace

After 4 quick kills by CeRq against MVP PK on Train, it looked like a pretty clean and cut pistol round for NRG. That’s before xeta turned things around within seconds, getting 3 quick kills with the P250. The final battle was especially satisfying, with xeta swinging out to get 2 incredibly clean shots to finish off the ace.

Bonus: Xyp9x Ninja Defuse

In a tournament full of aces, Xyp9x still pulled off one of the best 1v5s without killing a single player. After North went hunting for the notorious Astralis clutch master, Xyp9x ran down vents and pulled off the ninja defuse. Not only did the cheeky play win the round, it also won the map and the series.

You can check out more of the best IEM Chicago 2018 highlights at the ESL Twitch channel!

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