What are the best pre-order and special edition bonuses?

Any bonus on top of the base game can be a brilliant extra when you are really in to the game. In fact, people end up buying games just because pre-order bonuses are so good, that you can’t help but the part with your cash.

Recently, we found out what the pre-order bonuses and special editions would be for the highly anticipated Red Dead Redemption 2, and they have got us very excited.

However, we can admit that they aren’t the best pre-order bonuses of all time, they don’t even come anywhere close.

Don’t believe us? Well, here are seven of the best pre-orders and special editions in video gaming.

1. Fallout 4 Pip-Boy edition

Fun fact: Game messed up my order for this, so I ended up without a copy, and instead got a refund. Safe to say I was devastated because this special edition looked genuinely incredible. Who hasn’t thought about what it would be like to survive in the Fallout world, and with this actual Pip-Boy, you could live out those fantasies.

2. Borderlands

This was quite a decent pre-order bonus if you were lucky. Basically, if you took a picture of yourself pre-ordering the game, you would get a chance to play with one of the developers, who would also give you some unique loot.

I mean as it goes it isn’t huge, but the fact that you didn’t need to spend outrageous amounts of money on it was a lovely touch. You just had to be extremely lucky!

Speaking of Borderlands, the Handsome Clap-trap edition was also an absolute beaut, but this one was a little more punishing for your bank account. $399 netted you a full-size Clap-trap, which could come with a top hat and monocle.

3. Resident Evil 6 Collector’s Edition

Okay – some serious money here. You know how Leon is a true style icon for Resident Evil fans and everyone loves his leather jacket?

Well, for a hefty $1,300 you could get a replica of the famous jacket, the game, and four unique tablet covers. This is definitely one of the most stylish pre-order and special edition bonuses of all time.

4. Grid 2

Have you got more than $188,000 ready just burning a hole in your pocket? Well, you could have pre-ordered this special edition of Grid 2, and in return got a copy of the game, an exclusive PlayStation 3, and – holy smokes – a BAC Mono supercar!

That might sound a little crazy, but the fact that the car alone is going for more than £200,000, you might have made a handsome penny on this one.

5. Dying Light

Sometimes when you’re watching a zombie film, or playing a zombie game, do you worry about… what if this really happened?

Well, if you ordered the My Apocalypse Edition of Dying Light, you would have got yourself a zombie-proof house! Seriously, you got a house!

In fact, you ended up with a lot more than just a new home (albeit one without home comforts), with you also getting Four signed steelbook copies of the game, Razer Tiamat headphones, Dying Light branded night-vision goggles, a life-sized Volatile statue, advanced parkour lessons, a trip to Poland and of course, and most importantly, some adult diapers.

Really starting to wish I was a frivolous millionaire, able to spend all my money on pre-order games…

6. Krater

You know for a pretty average game, this had quite a crazy pre-order and special edition bonus. If you had (for whatever reason) decided to get the Victor edition, the game developer Victor Magnuson would come to your home and cook you a meal.

I mean, he’s not a chef, but he’s apparently an excellent cook, so it’s not too bad – apart from the fact you need to spend more than £10,000 for the privilege.

7. Saints Row IV

For a cool £1m, you could end up with easily the best special edition game of all time. So what did you get for all of that money?

Well! You got a Lamborghini Gallardo and a Toyota Prius (with insurance), a holiday in Washington D.C and Dubai, a plastic surgery procedure of your choosing, spy training, an entirely new wardrobe with a personal shopper, a full-size Dubstep gun AND a flight on Virgin Galactic.

Awkwardly, if you added up the price of all of these items, it would have cost you $629,974.69 – so you could still do it if you were rich and bonkers. Saying that though, this has to be the best pre-order and special edition bonuses, or at least the craziest.

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